Alex from Florida

I couldn't sleep much at the start of this year for all the bad news I was getting from every direction, so I turned to God in serious praying. Praise Jesus, I can see the light, and feel His mercy and now I have hope, a new job, a new wife, and I have a much more thankful attitude about life and God's blessing and grace and true goodness!

Mary from Ireland

Thank You, God for not forsaking me even though my own mother and brother have. Thank You for giving me comfort while they inflict pain and misery on me. Thank You for giving me another chance to see my sick father. God is good, His words are true.

Jose from Michigan

I just want to give thanks and praise to the Almighty Lord! Thank You God for blessing my life in so many ways. You are the king, the light, the Almighty. Thank You for everything and I am sorry for all my sins. Praise be to God in the highest.

JG from Long Island, New York

Thank You dear God for allowing me to hear Your call to help me. You were there all the time while I was struggling but I was not listening. Thank You for Your love and protection for me and my family. I praise You and am full of gratitude. Please fill me and my family with Your love and allow us to be good examples. You have proven over and over again that I can trust You always, regardless of how dark and difficult the hardships have gotten. We emerge victorious. I praise You and adore You. This I pray, in Jesus' name, Amen.

Debra from Alabama

Thank You God for answering my prayers and giving me a job. I love You.

Kelle from the Bahamas

Thank You Father for Your continued protection for my family. Thank You for ever increasing faith and strength. All praise and glory to You, because You are worthy! 

Zach from Rhode Island

Thank You, Lord for always knowing what we need. Thank You for being Almighty and for loving all of us the way You do. Thank You for going to any length to save Your sheep. Thank You for being our shepherd, for not letting my feet slip too long before You picked me up. You are the only God, there is only one whom all of creation, even the hills and mountains should praise. Please take all the glory, and show us how to share Your love with all.

Dominic from Nigeria

You're bigger than what people say Jehovah,You're bigger than what people say. You're bigger than what people say, Jesus.You are good and kind, dear Lord Jesus. I want to say a big thank You for the gift of life for me and my family, for there will be no one like You in Heaven and on Earth. Father, I will bless Your name all the day of my life for You alone are worthy of praise. Thank You, Lord Jesus.

Ira from Harvey, LA

Thank You, Lord for the blessing I received today. I ask that You continue to bless me with wisdom and knowledge in Jesus' name I pray.

Dee from Lisburn, Northern Ireland

Thank You, Lord for stopping my car from running into the car in front, when my mind was occupied with my daughter's wedding and I slackened my foot on the brake. I was inches from hitting it before I realized. Thank You Lord, was my first thought. I know it was Your saving hand. Thank You.

Sara from Florida

I could never express in words how thankful I am to be alive. To see each day as it is: the pain, happiness, and sorrow that may come each day. Never knowing the possibilities; but knowing the fight. Thank You, thank You, thank You!

VT from the Midwest

Thank You, Heavenly Father, for hearing my prayers and drying my tears. I received some wonderful news today regarding my next steps in life. Thank You for loving me and reassuring me that who I am is enough. Thank You, Heavenly Father, for allowing me to cry and for holding me in Your loving arms as I needed love and guidance. Thank You for my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, to speak to You on my behalf. I love You both with all of my heart. For me and my house will always serve You! In Jesus' name. Amen.

Ken from Columbus, OH

Jesus is our provider and loves each one of us. I have faith in Jesus and believe in Him and heareth His Word. Dear Jesus, forgive my sins. We all have sinned except You.

Praise the name of Jesus! All things are possible with Jesus. Just consider the universe and its never-ending space. Every week Jesus shows me something that is marvelous and if you have faith, it allows you to love and believe in Him much more.

Hussaina from Nigeria

Praise God for providing me with a new and a better job after staying at home and doing nothing for 14 months. I returned all glory, honor, and adoration to Him. Halleluiah.

Pyecknomo from Nigeria

Thank You Father for Your unending mercies! Today my room caught fire. It was only my clothes and some valuables that were burnt. I didn't know how He was able to control the fire but then I can't thank You enough Father.

Don from Colombo, Sri Lanka

God, You are so generous. You provided, just as You promised. I believed this, and now I’ve seen You prove it, first hand. I asked for a job and You gave one. I am so grateful. These are hard time for many people. I don’t take this gift lightly.

I believe I will be a blessing to my new employer; they certainly will be a blessing to me and my family. I’m honored with this trust! Thank You!

Thank You for providing this new job. Now please give me all I need to master it. I ask knowing that You hear and care.You have given provision; You won’t leave me alone to do it alone. Even as I pray this, I believe You are already answering my request. Thank You for wisdom! I pray this in Jesus’ great name!

Joanna from Toronto Ontario, Canada

Dear God our Father and Jesus Christ, I thank You for the rain of blessings this last week. Today I accepted the job offer. Last week I looked up and cried Your name, dear God, please help me. I need a job! In a week of time three interviews and a job offer this morning. God is good! Always. I thank You. I am a believer. Thank You for Your forgiveness and Your blessings! Thank You, Jesus. Thank You, God! I praise Your name Jesus.

Oxana from Yakima Valley, WA

Today was a car accident. Thank You, God! You saved our lives today. You saved my children. We are alive.

David from Oklahoma

Lord, Thank You for allowing me to serve as a medic in Afghanistan. It has changed my life in ways that only You can know. Now that I retired, please allow me to continue to help our servicemen and their loved ones.

Lindsey from Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Thank You Lord for bringing me Jean Philip. We seem to understand, complement, and love each other. Lord, I pray we glorify You in our being together. Bless us with a future together blessed by You. Casting all our worries, dreams, and all unto You. In Jesus' Almighty name.

Donna from Indiana

Dear Heavenly, most gracious, abundant, loving, giving, and perfect Father,  I just want to say thank You. Thank You, thank You, and thank You, times 77 all day. I love You and I need You. Be with me in happy
moments and be with me in troubling moments.

Bless my hands, feet, mind, body, heart, and soul. Bless the words that come out of my mouth, bless my thoughts that become my actions.

Scott from Winkel

Thank You, Lord for safe travels over the past week.

Lisa from Ohio

Thank You God Almighty for saving me from a car accident this morning when the car in front of me skidded out of control only 10 feet away. Thank You for hearing my anguished prayer and allowing me to reach my destination safely!

Frank from Manila, Phillippines

Thank You Lord for my new apartment! Please help me be a blessing to others. I love You, Lord.

Tiffany from North Carolina

I come to You in worship as Your humble servant and I thank You Father for loving and forgiving me. Your mercy is miraculous and ever enduring! Everyday I am in awe of Your ways. You are more than able and I can testify to the many ways You have showered me and my family in Your love, grace, and, protection daily. You are worthy of all praises. You know the desires of my heart and what's best for me. You ensure that my every need is met so I trust You Jesus and I'm still leaning on Your Word. Thank You for your peace and healing. Bless those who love and desire more of You, God. Amen.

Rutchel from Rizal, Philippines

Thank You Lord Jesus! You transform my life. I thank You for my wife and two beautiful daughters.

Al from Kansas City, MO

Thank You Jesus for continued healing concerning my gall bladder, heart disease, and diabetes.

John from Oklahoma

Thank You Jesus for every blessing. Thank You for my wife, my children, for loving, and forgiving me. I'm so lucky that You saved and blessed me in so many situations. I love You. Thank You for Your love and blessings.

Debra from Arkansas

Thank You Lord for coming into my life in a mighty way. I give You all the glory and praise.

Scott from Minneapolis, MN

Thank You Lord for safe travels today in the airplane.

Linda from Florida

Thank You Jesus for hearing my prayers and allowing me to have a successful surgery and a benign diagnosis. Thank You for guiding my surgeon's hands and healing my body. Thank You for my family and for the precious gift of life. Please continue to watch over my family and me, and protect us from all harm and disease. I love You, trust in You, and know that You are my Lord and Savior.

Sherry from Tennessee

Thank You God, for answering our prayer for the job my son wanted. Thank You, God.

Nintai from Pretoria, South Africa

Lord, I am happy that You accepted even me as Your son. I thank You for Jesus.

Tiffaney from Dallas, TX

Jesus is so good to me. I was in two car wrecks back to back one month apart. My little girl was in the car with me and both of us had cuts but no broken bones. We could have died from the impact. I believe God sent an angel. God is so good to me. I praise Him because He is God. Jesus is a healer and deliverer. He is the calmness in times of storms. He is my alarm clock, He wakes me up every day. Thank You, Jesus. He knew it wasn't my time to go. Hallelujah. I'm very grateful every day I wake up because God didn't have to let me make it, but because of His mercy and the blood Jesus shed at Calvary, my God is awesome!

Tinto from Bangalore, India

Thank God for giving us a new flat for living. I pray You will be with us always to make the house into a home by Your grace.

Pam from Charlotte, NC

Thank You, Lord for protecting the driver of the car I hit today when not paying close enough attention. What a terrible feeling knowing it could have been more serious. Please help the other driver forgive me as I ask You to do the same. I will be going out of my way to pass Your grace and love forward and promise to drive more carefully. In Jesus' name.

Ken from Ohio

Praise Jesus the Son of God. Thank You for everything, Jesus and guide and protect me and my family!

Michelle from Virginia

Dear Heavenly Father, Thank You for being an all-powerful, healing God and for healing my body of
cancer cells and ridding me of harmful viruses. I give You all the glory in my healing! Thank You for my blessings with a new family, new beginnings, and my health. In Jesus' name I pray. Amen.

Shannon from North Carolina

Thank You God for allowing my husband to be one of the few workers who was able to retain his job from his company's layoff. Thank You for time to spend with my father-in-law as he deals with an inoperable and terminal brain tumor. Please give him the peace and comfort he requires and should You feel that his time on Earth is not yet over, please give him the strength to carry him through this. Thank You so much for Your love, peace, and strength. I love You so much. Thank You again!

Cherie from North Carolina

Thank You, Lord for returning my daughter safely to our family. Thank You for blessing me with two wonderful kids. Thank You for my mom, dad, family, and friends near and far. I thank You for a newness of life and joy that comes in the morning. Thank You for the times I thought I wouldn't see joy and You surprised me. Thank You for this blog. I want the whole world to know the Lord of Lords has come to me and I want to pass it on. Thank You, Jesus!

Jojo from Kuwait

I thank the Lord for healing my kidneys which brought physical pain, hopelessness, and hardship in my lifestyle. I felt like dying and it is at that point that I asked the Lord to heal me. I asked Him to please let me live for my family and that I will serve Him and live a healthy life. May the name of the Lord be praised forever and ever. All glory be to our Almighty God. Nothing is impossible for Him if we only believe and have faith like a mustard seed. May this testimony inspire kidney patients that with fervent prayer, faith in God, and a healthy lifestyle you will be well.

I also pray for others who are suffering right now with kidney disease, that they may be healed by the hand of  the Lord. I give thanks to the Almighty God through His Son Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Amen.

Funmi from Lagos, Nigeria

I give praises to the most high God for delivering me from chronic bad breath which I have suffered with for many decades. It is such a wonderful feeling to be able to speak freely and socialize without the weight of this reproach! Halleluiah to God in the highest. Thank You King of kings.

Georganne from Jamaica

On my mustard seed of faith I declare that my months of unemployment are no more and I will be contacted for a job and I will get it in Jesus' name! I'm going to get my papers to marry - working hard for our family in the name of Jehovah Jireh my provider Jesus Christ, Amen.

Rosa from Concord, CA

Thank You Father, for all You have bestowed upon me, for my wonderful family, my daughter, grandsons, and my son-in-law. I thank You Father for the wonderful man and his son You have brought into my life. Help me Lord so I may be a good wife and mother. In the name of Your son Jesus Christ. Amen.

Jerry from Carthage, TX

Dear Heavenly Father, Thank You for the many blessings You have poured down from Your Heavenly skies onto me and my family. I just want to say thank You! Father, You are an awesome and loving God. Thank You, Father. Amen.

Bob from Eddystone Village, PA

Oh Heavenly Lord and great Holy Spirit, Thank You for helping me to land a job after a long and trying search. I am glad I found You again. I was lost in battling my own demons, You gave me strength and the will to not stop searching. It took time, but I'm finally starting to see my future much more positively. May I never loose my way again. I thank You, Amen.

Christi from Texas

Thank You Lord for my husband and our beautiful son who was born this past May. You have blessed us beyond measure! Thank You for keeping us safe and healthy amidst all the worries of the world. Thank You for allowing us to keep our fears and worries at bay and trust in our Lord.

Beth from the Philippines

Thank You, Lord for giving me Rob. May You continue to bless this relationship, oh Lord. Let You be the center of everything. Thank You, thank You for saving me and leading me to Rob's arms. I'm so happy, Jesus! In deed You are the Lord of Lords and King of Kings. To God be the glory.

Unfortunately, few weeks ago Rob decided to discontinue our relationship. I do not know why. I praise You Jesus because I have a heart full of faith that You can do miracles in every broken relationship. You restore broken relationships.

Epoh from United Arab Emirates

Lord Jesus, Thank You for Your everlasting love. You never fail to answer all our prayers especially when I needed You most. You are worthy of all our praises.

Eugene from Van Nuys, CA

Thank You Lord Jesus for all You've done in my life.

Christie from PA

Thank You for answering my prayers and saving me from myself. Thank You, thank You, thank You for being there for me.

Pablo from New York

Thank You God for all the blessings and grace which You have given me, especially my family and the new job I will start today. Please protect and guide me always.

Ali from Grimsby, UK

Thank You Father God for the many blessings You have given me today and always. Amen.

Cyril from Ratlam, India

Thank You, Jesus for providing everything needed for life; for a lovely, caring life partner, loving daughters, a grandson holding my hand, and lifting me whenever I needed it badly.

Marshall from Tucson, AZ

Thank You, Father as I felt your presence today in court with such evil people. I felt safe and protected. I am grateful for Your love and guidance.

Jen from Virginia

Thank You, Father, for the many blessings in my life. For my health, for my family's health, for our financial stability, for my career, for the opportunities in my life, for my wonderful husband, for my wonderful family, for the beautiful weather, and for the fact I live somewhere where I have freedom and opportunity. Forgive me for when I fail You. Thank You for being so good to me. I love You. I praise You. Truly You are mighty and wonderful.

Lillian from Frankfurt, Germany

Thanks to God for the love He has shown me, for the goodness of the morning light, and the protection upon me and my family. Heavenly Father, You deserve praises. Amen.

Shereen from London, England

God with His richest blessings sends us love, direction, and guidance everyday, all we need to do is be still and look out for it. His gracious, selfless actions are what we need to mirror in order to begin to show our gratitude for His blessings. I want to shout His praises. Everyday He blesses me more and more. Thank You God for always being here for me. In the darkest night, when I believe I'm lost and alone, I can feel You. You are always here. Thank You!

Bill from Costa Mesa, CA

Thank God, Lord Jesus for keeping me alive. Jesus saves.

G.S. from Germany

God, Thank You so much for blessing me. At times I do not realize Your mighty works and the things You do and have done. God, my Lord, I know You have forgiven my sins and have chosen me. Thank You, God!

Gamal from Oklahoma

Thank You, Jesus for everything I have and everything I don't. I thank You that I have seen both lack and excess, sadness and happiness, the hills and the valleys, sunshine and rain. Saying thank You is simply not enough, but I pray my life shows it to You better. Thank You!

Nischal from India

Jesus saved my life. On Wednesday I had a very serious car accident. I hit the road divider and my car toppled upside down and everybody thought I was dead. With minor injuries I survived the crash. Now I will praise Him more and more as now this life belongs to only Jesus, Jesus our Savior!

Wil from Louisiana

Praise and thank You Abba for healing me and making me whole from the top of my head to the soles of my feet. Thank You for restoring health to my body and healing all my my wounds. Thank You for an abundance of grace for every area of my life. Thank You for an abundance of mercy and grace on my children, grandchildren, and their spouses. Thank You, praise You Daddy for Christ's finished work at the cross. It is finished. Thank You Jesus for living Your life in me and through me. The life I now live, I live by the faith of the Son of God. I worship You Lord. Thank You for loving me and mine. Glory, praise, and honor to You, Daddy God.

Sarah from Iran

Thank You for happiness, all the sorrows. Thanks for the suffering that we are stronger. Thank You for the good life. Thank You that I am staying out of poverty. God, thanks for everything. Love You.

Candace from Phoenix, AZ

Thank You dear Father, for keeping my teenage son safe in a car rollover that, if only slightly different, would likely have killed him. I praise You that he is alive and sleeping soundly in his own bed tonight, with barely a scratch to show for a completely crushed cab. You are the miracle worker. Thank You for what You have done. Please keep all my children safe and let them all grow old serving You, the living God. Praise You, and praise Your Holy, precious name. Amen.

Rod from Texas

Thank You Lord for Your blessings and I love being Your child. I know I have disappointed You in the past, and You still love and bless me and my family. I ask that You continue to guide me to become what You will have me be.

Alex from California

I give all the glory to the Lord for He has answered my prayers and has always been faithful. Thank You Father for giving me a job!

Lola from Canada

I really want to say a very big thank You to the father of the fatherless like me, for His faithfulness and mercy over me. He gives me peace and provides a job for me. May His Holy name be praised forever. Amen!

Ann from Omaha, NE

Thank You, God for helping me in my anxiety. Thank You for lifting a huge burden off me. May I never doubt You and always praise You! Thank You and I love You.

Dave from Pennsylvania

 Thank You Lord for answering my prayers. Thank You Lord for second chances! I love You, Lord.

Evelyn from Romford, United Kingdom

How excellent is Your name O Lord. I thank You Lord for healing me of every disease that once tore me apart. You are amazing, Lord. I can now enjoy my sleep without acid reflux, gastric problems, or indigestion. I am completely whole because it's all nailed to the cross. I now walk in divine health because I am a daughter of Zion. I will not say I am sick. I also thank You for my family and I thank You for tomorrow as we expect my son's GCSE. Lord, I trust he will get into the 6th form of his choice as You direct him through the right path of life, in Jesus' name. I pray for all my students who will be getting their GCSE results tomorrow that they make the right decisions for their lives. Glory to You, Lord. Amen.

Nitya from India

I want to inform you that I have been blessed with a good job. Praise the Lord.
Thank You Jesus for giving me this job for which I interviewed last Wednesday. Their response was kind of negative but I have a feeling they have not decided yet. Our Lord can work mighty wonders and I trust in His divine providence. I felt this was the best I could deliver at the interview and I was inspired by the Lord to answer all their questions.

Lisa from New York

Thank You, Lord for ending my financial suffering. After two years of unemployment and nearly losing my home, I have been hired! In Jesus' name, Amen.

Marissa from Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Dear Papa Jesus, Many thanks for recalling back my son at work. I love You. Also, thank You for allowing his wife to fly smoothly and join him. Thank You so much. Amen.

Yvonne from Arizona

Thank God for all of my blessings. Thank You for giving us my brother a little longer so that we can learn to appreciate and love each other. Thank You for his beautiful donor and most of all for Your grace, love, and the sacrifice of Your son Jesus Christ. I would be so lost without You. Please guide us during our time on Earth to do good unto others and love each other as the Bible instructs us to do. The Lord is my strength and my song. He has become my salvation. He is my God and I shall praise and exalt Him.

Monique from Canada

Thank You God for answering prayers.

Sharon from Georgia

Thank God for He is going to answer my prayer. He is going to restore my relationship and heal our hurts. Amen.

Neil from Canada

I just want to thank the great creator for the awesome life He has giving me. I am thankful for the friends and family that I have and also for my enemies so that I can hopefully learn to love and forgive them. Thank You for having so much patience with a sinner like me. I know that Your beautiful son died for my sins along with every one of my brothers and sisters on the planet. I would be nothing if not for You and for what You've done for me throughout my life. I feel special and loved. I hope that I can be the servant that I need to be for You before my time here is at it's end.
I will never forget what You did for me my Lord Jesus Christ and thank You so much. I am thankful for my guardian angel always watching over me and protecting me from harm. I am just grateful for the opportunities that You have giving me. You are so worthy of praise and worship now and forever. Thank You my great and awesome creator.

Charles from Steamboat Springs, CO

Thank God for keeping my son and daughter safe in our tubing accident. You watched over us and guided us out of danger. Amen.

Maryann from New York

Thank You God for the call today. It turned my entire life around. You are the creator of all. You can make what seems impossible, possible again.You can turn any situation around. You are my Savior. We can accomplish all through Jesus Christ. I know that this is a small stepping stone to the miracles You have waiting for me. I will continue to have faith and wait expectantly for my payday to arrive. I love You and feel so close to You. I am happy to be Your child.

Anoja from Sri Lanka

I thank and praise God for all that Jesus is and for all that He has done on the cross to ensure we have victory in all areas of our lives. How great Thou art! I thank God for the blood of Jesus, for the Word of God, and for the precious Holy Spirit.

Monique from Port Jefferson, NY

Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who hath blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ: (KJV)

Dear God in Jesus’ name, Thank You for granting our plea, prayer, and blessings. Thank You for drawing our family closer to Your name and Word. We are grateful to Your supernatural blessings and praise Your name. Thank You God, in Jesus’ name, for hearing our special prayers, pleas, and praise. Amen. We are eternally grateful for Your grace. We thank You and are blessed by Your grace and love.

John from Maryland

Thank You for healing me of my cerebral bleed brought on by arteriovenous malformation in 2002. I was not supposed to have survived it according to my doctors, but after prayer from tons of wonderful Christians I did recover in time, and am still in good health. Thank you, Jesus!

Dineo from Kempton Park, South Africa

Thank You Lord Jesus for never forsaking me. Thank You for being my source of joy when I was down and out. Thank You for forgiving all my sins and making me a new person. You are faithful and just. Your mercy endures forever! Help me to always fix my eyes on You.

John from Atlanta, GA

Thank You, Lord Jesus for giving me the heart to love, the mind to guide, and the Word to follow. Teach me to follow You with every breath!

Steve from Minnesota

Thank you Lord, for today our dear friend had good biopsy report. And that our pregnant daughter is being released from jail for a tragic accident. A huge praise. Thank You, Lord.

Sherwon from Cape Town, South Africa

How do I ever say thank You, Lord? Words cannot describe my gratitude for You being God.

Ygo F from the Philippines

Thank You, God. I know these trials are meant to make me stronger and face my problems. Thank You for never leaving my side.

Rajani from India

May the sacred heart of Jesus be praised, adored, glorified, and loved today and every day throughout the world now and forever. Amen.

Jo from the United Kingdom

This week, my husband had a fairly serious cycle accident in which he sustained a concussion, had to have stitches in his face, as well as numerous cuts and bruises and a suspected broken hand. Three days later and he's almost completely healed! His cycle helmet has a huge chunk missing, and I can't bear to think how close I came to losing him. Thank You, God for letting him stay with me on Earth.

Tom from Connecticut

Thank you God for giving me time to go to church for this holy day of obligation. I really appreciate it.

Hoon from Cherry Hill, NJ

Thank you God! With Your help, my grade and my knowledge has boosted. I know this doesn't seem like much, but this is the best I can do. I love You with all my heart, love, and soul.

Angie from Long Island, NY

I am on my hands and knees giving thanks to the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. When my son was potentially facing a threatening illness, he miraculously recovered and everything just healed. When I was at my lowest and needed a job for my family, God blessed me with an amazing job exactly when I needed it most. God always provides for me and my family. He always makes everything okay. I can sleep with peace and joy in my heart tonight. I had no peace without the Lord. Everything comes from God and I am a true walking testimony to His grace and forgiveness. Thank You Lord, for restoring my hope and blessing the way for my life!

Charlene from New Jersey

I praise You Lord for keeping me afoot through times I thought I was weak, defeated, and unhealed. Thank You Lord for keeping us covered each day, refocusing my mind, and rejuvenating faith and love. Without You a blessed life is not possible.

Amanda from Kansas City, MO

I praise the Lord today. The only one that could have saved me did! Tears of anguish, guilt, and physical withdrawals from my addiction mentally tore me down. Through all of that I knew God was there, close to your heart when you are broken. Thank You Jesus for picking me up out of a pile of muck and mire, setting me up on dry land. I do not deserve Your grace.

Nen from Nigeria

I love You Lord Jesus Christ, though not as much as You love me, my love for You is real. I praise You for You are mighty, the Son of the Heavenly Father and Savior of my soul. Lord Father and creator, please hear our prayers that we make through Your Son, by the power of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Elisa from the United States

Thank You Lord for all of the love, patience, kindness, and mercy You grace us with every day of our lives. May You be praised always. In Jesus' name, Amen.

Bonnie from Alabama

Thank You Lord for waking me up this morning to praise You. Thank You once again for my healing and my daily walk with You. I pray today for my family, neighbors, and friends that they will know You as the true Savior that You are. Thank You for allowing my mind to stay on You, O Lord. In Jesus' name, Amen!

Shruti from India

I have nothing more to say than just thanking You for everything You have given me. Thank You so much, God. Thanks a lot.

Kade from the United States

Thank You for the everyday miracles. Thank You for my family and my health. You are the greatest of all! And thanks for helping me on my test. I owe You more than I know.

Jean from Houston, TX

I praise God for who He is and what He does for us. He is mighty and strong. No weapon formed against my family shall prosper. (See Isaiah 54:17) We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. (See Philippians 4:13) We are believing for miracles in our lives!

Ladan from the United States

Dear God, Thanks for all the blessings in my life. Please protect my son, husband, and my mom. Please bless Mali and Shawn with health and wealth, and keep them from harm. Please bless me with the wisdom to help myself and others. Please give me ultimate physical and mental health. Thanks.

Kristie from Metairie, LA

Thank You God for my mom's surgery going well. Still praying for a good path report!

Jim from Mississippi

Thank You, sweet Jesus for keeping us safe from the storms. Thank You for my wife and child, for the roof over our heads, and the food on the table. Please forgive us of our sins.

Ron from London, Ontario Canada

Thank You Lord for the financial blessing and how You brought me to it. I know that everything is in Your timing and have no doubt that behind the scenes You are taking me where I need to be.

Susan from California

Dear God, Thank You so much for blessing me and my family with so much. I am truly grateful for keeping us healthy and giving me the opportunity to pursue art as a career. Many kids don't have the privilege to have such great teachers and mentors. Also for keeping my family intact through all the hardships and for blessing us with such a beautiful house and for keeping my sisters healthy and alive. Help me to never forget to be thankful for everything no matter what!

Vero from Texas

Dear God, Thank You for protecting my sisters today and for everything You do for us.

Ijeoma from Nigeria

Thank You, Lord Jesus for being my best friend and senior partner. All through this wedding preparation You have been awesome. You keep blowing our minds. I know there are some key stuff yet to be done, but oh, thank You for the ones You've done already. Praise Your Holy name.

Rina from South Africa

God, I love You for Your son who died on the cross for my sin. I can feel You every second of my life. Thank You for loving me and taking care of me and answering my prayers. You know my heart and my vision. I love You with all that I am.

Scott from Roanoke, VA

I had lost all hope but I kept praying for God to hear me and I prayed night and day for Him to give me an answer. I was $2,200 behind in rent including legal fees after loosing my jobs and almost everything else I had. I was on my way to the courthouse to explain I couldn't pay it and was going to be evicted and got a call that I had a check waiting for me that covered exactly the needed amount. Sometimes I doubted like a good human will do, but I never stopped praying. I asked God to forgive me for doubting and just in the right amount of time God provided for me a miracle that cannot be explained any other way. I praise God for being a God of wonders and a God of miracles.

Chris from Rockwood

Thank You, God for dying for me. Thank You, God for providing a life for me that I do not deserve. Thank You, God for my job, my wife, my girls, and for everything You have done and will do for me. I love You.

Thenjiwe from South Africa

Hallelujah! The Lord gave me a two day job when we were just one meal away from picking from the dustbin. God is good. God is merciful. God is kind. Thank You, Jesus.

Melissa from Riverside, CA

Thank You, Lord. I waited and You came. I should have never lost faith. I will learn to be more patient. Thank You for not giving up on me.

Sphe from Swaziland

Thank You, Father for Your unending mercies! Today I missed two accidents. I didn't even know how but one thing I know, it's because of Your grace. I can't thank You enough for all You have done for me, my Father. I love You and I will forever praise Your wonderful name.

Naine from India

Thank You for my family. Thank You for all the wonderful relationships I have in my life.

Martine from Montreal, Canada

Thank You, Jesus because I am nothing without You. Thank You for giving me the accommodations I need to do the transition, a roof on top of my head, a bed to sleep in, and for providing for me. I thank You in advance for connecting me with the great job that You have in store for me. Thank You Jesus, my Savior because You are the Master of all my situations and I need You every second of my life. I praise You Jesus. I glorify You Jesus with all my heart and mind. I love You!

Wayne from Morganton, NC

It was dark. I couldn't see. There was a car across the road confusing me. I pulled out, and there he was, a great big truck. He blew his horn to warn me, then stopped to let me pass. I thank God for this unknown person that I almost hurt, but instead he looked out for me and we both went home O.K.

Maurice from Trinidad and Tobago W.I.

Thank You Lord God for all Your blessings and Your mercy. Thank You Jesus for Your sacrifice and for shedding Your most, precious blood and dying on the cross for us all. Thank You for Your love, for forgiving our sins, and most of all for Your grace. You are always there through the good times and the bad. Father, we love You and give You praise now and forevermore. Amen.

Manny from England

I'd like to thank the One and only God, Jesus Christ, for giving me a job in this rough economy. I know anything in this life that is good comes from Him. Praise God always, in good and in bad, as Job did when the devil afflicted him. For we are washed of our sins not by our own works, but by His everlasting grace. Amen.

Mark from North Carolina

Thank You, God, for being my accountability partner today.

Jeri from Oregon

Thank You Jesus Christ for saving such a wretched creature like me. Thank You for all Your signs and wonders. Come quickly Lord Jesus for I long to be with You.

Mary Nell from Louisiana

Thank You Lord for waking me today. I pray for healing for the entire world.

Nany from New Hampshire

Thank You for answered prayers. Thank You is not enough.

Lumy from New Jersey

Thank You God for answering our prayers, for being with me through surgery, for the love and support of my family and friends, for giving them strength, and for their success in life. Thank You for the kindness, love, and concern of my wonderful daughters-in-law and for the smile of my grandkids. For letting me see them play basketball, dance ballet, act in school plays, for their leadership,and for my published writer at such a young age. Thank You for my three sons' leadership and for the love and support of my husband. Bless my surgeon's hands during each one of my surgeries. Thank You for saving my life. In Jesus Christ love and name, Amen.

Mark from Bristol, VA

Thank the Lord for all the blessings in my life!

Taylor from San Luis Obispo, CA

Thank You, God for living in me and allowing me to know You. Thank You that You're alive in my life. Keep me in Your arms Lord, I love Your presence.

Wendy from Harleysville, PA

Thank You God for getting me out alive from the accident last night. Thank You, dear God.

Rod and family from Arizona

We have been blessed by Your hand. Thank You, Jesus for Your blessings and Your guidance and lead us to victory. In Jesus' name, Amen.

Gregory from Lebanon Township, NJ

Praise God. I have recovered from the concussion that I received a year ago this week. I can see clearly now.

Drew from Kentucky

Thank You, Jesus for being my Lord and Savior when there is no other salvation. Thank You for Your truth and Your wisdom in Your perfection, Lord Jesus. Thank You for laying down Your life for me, so that I will no longer have to face death and the suffering that I deserve. Thank You, Jesus.

Christina from Union, NJ

I am very thankful to Jesus for dying on the cross for my sins. I have been blessed by Jesus because He loves and forgives me. I feel a sense of peace and calm when I pray. All that I ask of Jesus, He will provide. I truly believe with every part of me that He will provide more miracles.

Rich from Illinois

Thank You, Lord for touching Stella. Thank You for Your blood that covers us and by Your stripes we are healed! (See Isaiah 53:5)

Mike from Richmond, VA

Dear Lord, Thank You for watching over me and my family, especially my mother-in-law and for a clear CT scan. Thank You, Lord for putting our hearts at ease.

Rod from Wisconsin

Thanks be to God forever. For everything He has given, forbidden, taught, guided, and lifted me through. Most of all for the gift of grace which even an undeserving sinner such as myself is not worthy. May God bless and keep you and His face always shine upon you.

Sherryann from New York

Thank You, Father God and Jesus, my Lord and Savior. I'm so grateful, thankful, and blessed now and always. I love You.

Ali from California

I'm thanking God right now for giving me a sense of peace when I am in the middle of a work crisis. This too shall pass. I am praying that the anxiety stays at bay.

Jeff from North Carolina

I was at the end of my rope. Money worries ate me alive. I asked God to relieve me of my financial fears and to help me pay the people I owe. I also asked for the ability to regain faith and calm down knowing that everything would be okay. Thank You, Jesus for Your many bountiful blessings. Keep us all safe.

Nelson from South Africa, Pretoria (Winterveldt)

I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me. (Galatians 2:20 KJV)

In 2013 Christ made me a living testimony and blessed me. I thank Him for He kept my family till this day and I shall praise Him through melodies and hymns. Amen.

Marie from Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada

I thank God for having my home. I do not ever want to travel. My blessings to God for what He has provided for me. I do not wish for anyone to give me gifts at all. I am content with what I have, always have been. I do not wish for new items, I make do with what I have. Unless, one of my appliances break, only then will I purchase a new one.

Gabrielle from the Philippines

Thank You, Lord for always getting me through every situation and teaching me to trust You in spite of all the odds. I am very sorry for always doubting You, but Lord God You have been patient with me. Thank You so much for all Your blessings and for Your kindness to me and my family. Praise You Lord!

Andrew from Medway, England

I am sorry I was annoyed with You, Lord. Thank You for changing me. Thank You for all You have done and shown me, God. I love You, Lord. Praise You.

Steve from Hummelstown, PA

I thank You, Lord for protecting my daughter and my two granddaughters from any injury in a severe accident that happened recently. I thank You Lord for protecting my son-in-law and I thank You for protecting my son and his wife and their two children, our granddaughter and their new baby, our grandson. Our grandson was born with down syndrome and I thank the Lord every day for him and our three granddaughters. I thank You, Lord for my wonderful wife and for all the blessings You have given us. Thank You Lord for my wife's mother who is still with us. From one Dad to my Heavenly Father, thank You.

Ken from Chicago, IL

God, Thank You for everything. My mother and father are gone. I am losing my house. I have a three year, contract job and I am worried about continuing to work because I am 51. My life could be way worse so I just want to thank You for keeping me in Your favor. I don't need money. All I need is to be in Your favor. Again, thank You God and say hi to my family for me in Heaven.

JJ from South Carolina

Thank You, Jesus for the healing, forgiveness, Your miracles, and mercy that You shine on me every day. Thank You for the faith that You give freely, so that I can know I am healed and forgiven, and receive Your mercy and miracles.

Gordon from California

Thanks be to God in Jesus Christ for shepherding over Your flock! You are the great and good shepherd. Praise to You.

Wai from Singapore

Thank You, Father God for Your mercy and grace to free me from the prostrate imprisonment.

Moonstone from India

Thank You so much God, for returning my lost, gold earring that was so precious to me. I am really grateful to You, as I know that the earring could not have been found without a miracle! Thank You so much, God.

Dan from Manhattan, NYC

Thank You God for giving my family and I another chance and allowing us to survive the accident tonight. I am eternally grateful and will be a better person in this world.

Rosaline from Wappingers, NY

Dear Heavenly Father, I throw my cares to You and You respond with Your blessings. The kids and I prayed that we could keep our van after I thought the transmission was gone. It turned out to be a power steering issue which could be easily fixed. Thank You, Lord. Praise to You!

John from Glasgow, Scotland

Lord God, Thank You for helping me and my wife overcome the worry we have suffered in the last few days. Praise be to the Lord and seer of everything good.

Mark from Battle Creek, MI

Thank You Father in the name of Christ. My mother is cancer free! He has saved our home and provided a new job when all seemed lost.

Angie from London, England

Thank You Heavenly Father, God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Lord, I cannot begin to thank You enough for all Your wonderful mercies. Thank You for my new job, Lord. Only You could have made it happen. Thank You for speaking for me, for leading the way, and for guiding me all the time. Yeshua, I thank You and I thank You again because You are a mighty God. You told me not to be afraid of men and their faces and You fought for me. Lord,You are my King. I love You. And I'm so happy. Please accept my prayer, my thanks. It will never match Your kindness and mercies, but Lord please accept the joy and gladness in my heart as my thanksgiving. In Your name I pray, Lord. Amen.

Dora from Los Angeles, CA

Dear God, Thank You for protecting me when I needed protection the most. Thank You for guiding me and for showing me the way. My childhood was not the greatest, as You know, but I'm grateful to You because I know You never left my side. Please know that I'm here to serve You fully and to give back, as best as I can, as a show of gratitude for all You and Your angels have done for me and my family. With love always. With devotion always. And with humble heart, thank You. I love You.

MGC from Canada

Thank You Father for giving me more than I ask for, even more than I need. Thank You for my wonderful family and loving friends. You never fail to amaze me. I will forever give thanks and praise to You. To God be the glory!

Sophie from California

Thank You Father through Your Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit for being there always for me and my family. Bless us Lord with health, happiness, prosperity, and wisdom. Deliver us Lord from evil, keep us safe from harm, and from all anxiety as we await the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

Eileen from Washington

Thank You Father, for Your continued support and all the small blessings that never go unnoticed. The past few weeks, or months really, have been especially trying and being able to talk with Jordan was such a rewarding and relieving moment. I thank You so very much for him. I love Jordan tremendously and that meant so much to me. Thank You.

Mike from Florida

Thank You my Father for healing and restoring Keith, myself, our families, and friends. Thank You for all that we have and all of the great things that are to come. I am truly grateful. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.

Eunice from South Africa

Thank You, Lord for answering my prayers. I was feeling so depressed and confused. I prayed hard for a job interview and You heard my prayers. I woke up this morning with a very positive feeling and the next minute You guided me through the doors of my new employer. I give praise to You oh God and I know that this is a blessing from You and that this job is especially made for me by You. Hosanna to the heavens.

Tara from Missouri

Thank You, God! No matter how much I mess up, disappoint You, and disappoint myself, You always give me a second chance to do it right. You have never given up on me and You never let me give up on myself. Even when it feels like everyone else is gone You still remain with open arms only wanting me to get it right. You see my heart and You don't judge me harshly. I thank You Lord for all the blessings You continue to give me, even when I refuse to recognize them. I thank You Lord for continuing to give even when I have enough and am not grateful for what You have already provided. God, please help me to please You, work through me to be a blessing to someone else. I feel like I am such a mess, but You always let me know that I am a work in progress and You have a tight hold on me. Even when I run away You chase me down. Thank You, Lord. I praise You.

TC from Canada

Thank You God for working in mysterious ways and physically showing me that You are with me and hear my desperate cry for help.

James from Northern Ireland

Dear Heavenly Father, Thank You for Your blessings. This day I ask You to continue to build my faith and to turn away from my old ways. Show me the way Father through my blessed Lord Jesus Christ, who sacrificed Himself in Calvary to save an unworthy sinner like me. Thank You so much.

Kaitlin from Clawson, MI

Thank You, Lord my Heavenly Father for giving me more than I need each day, for loving me at all times even when I've sinned and disappointed You. Thank You for blessing me each and every day, though I might not see or understand I thank You. Thank You for letting me know You through Your son's sacrifice so that I may be saved. Thank You so, so much for Your love dear Father! In Your precious name I pray, Amen.

Lucia from South Africa

Thank You, Lord Jesus for waking me up yet another day. Thanks for all You've done for me, my family, friends, and for my partner. You are faithful my Lord. I'm holding on. I know You're about to perform miracles for me. I thank You for the job You're about to give me after all the hardship I faced, though with You Jesus I made it. I'll forever praise You, o Lord, let You take control and guide me. Amen.

Lora from Alabama

Lord, I thank You for Your grace and mercy You've shown me all of my life! I thank You for healing my body from being on a dialysis machine to being made whole again. I thank You for my husband who I've yet to meet. I'm excited about my life because I believe in the promises of Your Word. I love You, Lord.

Travis from Pearland, TX

Thank You Lord Jesus, Your works have been revealed this weekend, trying to project Your word through my life to my grandchildren. We survived not because of my plans, actions, and intent, but because of Your will. Please forgive my failures and acknowledge my awe as You caused events to occur that go too far to be called coincidence. Thank You that You speak to me in this way. With love from one who prays to be called Jesus Christ's child.

Loretta from Superior, AZ

Thank You dear Lord for granting me so many blessings: the safety of my family, my home, my job, our health, and having a relationship with You. Thank You so much in the name of Your mighty son Christ Jesus. Amen.

Nombulelo from Pietermaritzburg, South Africa

Dear Lord, I thank You for the wonderful family I have. Thank You for the job that You've given me. And I also thank You for the business idea that I've been thinking of, may You give me strength to put it into practice and succeed in order to help my unemployed mother. Thank You.

Su from England

Thank You, Father for loving me. Thank You, Father that I can see. Thank You, Father that I am a virgin. Thank You, Father that I am clean. Thank You, Father that I have been kept safe from all physical harm.

Nyando from Tanzania

Thank You, God for letting me know You. I was lost and now I am back to You. Thank You Lord Jesus, for dying because of our sin. I love You Jesus, please keep me away from bad people and bad friends. Lord Jesus, King of kings, please help me to get a job. I have no other person to pray to but You. You knew my life even before I was born. I believe in You and I know You love me. I need to get married that is why I need a job. I need a good family which will praise You always and love You as our Savior. Thank You so much and I love You, Jesus.

Rhoda from Kenya, Africa

I will forever lift Your name up high Lord Jesus, mercies and grace from above fill my life each day even though I am always walking so far away from You. Thank You for loving me, for giving me such a wonderful family, and for keeping me safe when a lot of bad things keep happening to good people, its not like I am better, Your grace keeps me. As my graduation nears, You walk with me and light the way for me. Can't name all the blessings I have but every single thing I have is Yours. Thank You. Please hold my hand and always walk with me. I am nothing without You.

Tristan from Pretoria, South Africa

Most glorious of Heaven, I don't even feel worthy of all these things You have given me. I don't feel deserved of even a single gift, but Lord, Son of David I declare my thanks! Help me to remain close to You, my first love. Jesus, save this sinner.

David from Kansas

I have a test for a great job. I believe God has already granted me the job. I don't have the experience required to do the job, but God knows how important it is for me. I know God has sent angels down to bless me so God will make my life great. Praise be unto the Lord God.

Valerie from Australia

I praise the Lord for my family! My son Jordan, my daughter Vaness, and her husband Micheal. I praise Him for my husband Craig and all the favors He has shown us so far.

Nigel from California

Holy, Holy, Holy Lord God Almighty! Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord. Hosanna in the highest. Glory to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Forever and ever. Amen.

John from England

Thank You, Father for Your provision. After one and a half years of unemployment, our 21-year-old younger son has just been offered a full-time job.

Owen from Hong Kong, China

Dear God, I want to say thank You for giving me a chance to live once more, for giving me a brand new life, and for granting my prayers. Lord, I'm so thankful You brought me up when I was almost down. You guide, care, and love me in so many ways. Thanks for curing my unexpected disease. God, I still count on You until I'm fully recovered. I love You!

Chris from California

Thank You, Lord Jesus Christ for guiding and protecting me and my family, through the power of the Holy Spirit and blessings of the Holy Father, every day of my life. Praise be to You, honor and glory, forever and ever. Amen.

Haile from Ethiopia, Africa

In Jesus' name my prayer is answered that I will receive the job at Sandoz this week. I have received the employment offer in faith already. Thank You, Lord, thank You Jesus, thank You, Savior. Jesus has waken from the grave to save me and you.

Madleen from Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

I can't praise and thank our Lord Jesus enough for saving and rescuing me from the bondage of enemies. Truly His word is true and powerful. Answer me quickly, Lord, my spirit fails. Do not hide Your face from me or I will be like those who go down to the pit. (Psalm 143) Now I'm on fire to worship Him all my life! Thank You, Jesus.

Edwin from California

Praise to the Son of God, the King of Kings, Lord Jesus.Your mercy and kindness reign forever. As I go through trials and tribulations, I feel our Lord's presence. The good Lord Jesus will not leave you nor forsake you.

Don from Cleveland, Ohio

Father God Almighty, I have lived the life of a bitter man, angry for so many things I've found to be unfair in my life. And I stand before You now to confess all these things. Father, I am deeply sorry for defiling my temple and hurting You. Please Lord God, hear me. From this day forward I live to show myself as a light, someone who has weathered the storms and stood through it. I've been lied to, made fun of, and accused of many things and I forgive my accusers. I love You and ask for forgiveness of my blindness. Let me live in Your light and help others to find love, happiness, and peace. I will move forward in my life. This I vow. I pray in Jesus' name. Amen!

Andrea from the United States

Thank You, God for answering my prayer. I've been asking for Your help for so long. One small thing, but I'm happy to finally know You are listening. Hopefully other prayers will be answered soon. Thank You.

Latha from Chennai, India

Dear God, I've always been attracted to You, right from my childhood. Because in most of my growing up years and even now, I've always undergone severe trauma either due to abuse from parents, others, or some other negative problems. At such times only belief in You, belief and faith that God exists, has been my only source of hope. Faith and believing that You exist is like a silver lining in the dark clouds of tragedy, bad luck, misfortunes, bullying, abuse, curses, rogues, and diseases. The Lord cannot be blamed for sinners' wrongdoings. Dear Lord, I really thank You for giving me that trust.

When I was really thinking I was cured from the IBS I was afflicted with, I was really getting some hope toward life and living. As You know because of that terrible disease I've lost everything from a very young age of 19, and I've also been subjected to shame, inconvenience, and fear. Still I do believe in You God. Because You are the only person or being whom I can talk to without being made 'little'. You never say stop, or threaten me when I cry out to You. I always feel somewhat better whenever I cry to You, God. I praise You for helping me believe in Your existence.

Mabel from Florida

God, thank You for loving me when no one else did. God, I give all the glory to You for saving my life, curing me from an incurable disease, and repairing the severe injury to my spine. God, I thank You from my heart to the very core of my soul. I give all my praise to You, the healer, the redeemer, and the deliver. God, thank You for accepting me into Your loving arms. To God be the glory.

John from Odisha, India

Thank You, God for all the blessings, love, healing, and forgiveness You have given me. I love Thee Jesus so much for You died for me and all in the world. Jesus, help us to love our enemies. Dear Jesus, forgive me for sometimes I fear the persecutions. Dear Lord, I’m ready to die for Thee. Please fill me with Thy Holy Spirit. I love You God so much.

Craig from Florida

Thank You, Lord for being with me every day. Please help me meet someone to love and share my life with. I'm so tired of being lonely. Amen.

Eve from California

Dear God, Thank You that I was able to do IVF when all other cycles were canceled. Praise the Lord that I had two eggs fertilize.

David from the United States

Thank You, Lord, for answered prayer—keeping my wife safe during her medical procedure and giving us the good results. And thank You for Spirit-filled encouragement through Your Word.

Kevin from Singapore

Thank God for all the gifts He's given me. Just wanted to tell Him I love Him very much. My sweet Jesus.

Rose from Sugar Land, TX

Dear Lord, I praise Your holy name for helping me when I couldn't pay my bills. I thank You, Amen.

Roxanne from the Philippines

Father, thank You for giving a reassuring answer to my question. At this point in my life, I am already in the brink of desperation and frustration. But still, You calm me. You always answer in mysterious ways and I love You for that.

Nalina from Chennai, India

Thank You, Jesus for helping me overcome all the critical situations in my life. Thank You for being with me when I am alone. I love You, Jesus. You are great.

Ariel from England

Thank You, Jesus. You are helping me get over my past. Thank You, Jesus that You are putting a new fire in me to work for You. Thank You, Jesus that I can hear Your voice. Thank You, Jesus that I have come this far. Thank You, Jesus that You are healing my allergy to fish and non-gold. Thank You, Jesus for this wonderful relationship with my boyfriend. Thank You, Jesus that I have a healthy self-esteem. Thank You, Jesus for helping me follow my heart. Thank You, Jesus that I am an international model. Thank You for the job at the library. Thank You, Jesus that You brought this situation under my feet. Thank You, Jesus that You are giving me double for my trouble. I love You, Jesus.

Barbara from Hurt, VA

We fall down but we get up in the name of Jesus.

Thank You, Lord for the safe trip You gave my grandson from Raleigh to Virginia. It was a blessing that my granddaughter and my great-granddaughter, who is 10-month-old, ate breakfast with me. My heart was full of joy to be with them.

 I thank the Lord for His grace and mercy. I don't go to church every Sunday, but when I go I know what I am going for is to praise the Lord. Nothing like being spiritual fed.

Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. (Proverbs 3:5)

I will bless the Lord at all times. His praises shall continue in my mouth. (See Psalm 34:1)

Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that he may exalt you in due time: Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you. (1 Peter 5:6-7)

All Scriptures in the praise are KJV.

LeeAnn from El Paso, TX

Thank You dear Lord! You have once again lifted me from a dark path and shown me the light and given me Your grace. I don't know why I ever doubt You. I am reminded once again that You are my life and my one true companion. Thank You.

Barbara from Virginia

Thank You, Lord for everything. Lord, when I lost my 44-year-old daughter two years ago, it was hard to keep the faith. She will always be in my heart. Your grace and mercy brought me through.

Thank You for my grandson who graduated from college. My daughter always said, "I hope I live to see my son graduate." But You, God had another plan for her. Your praise shall continue in my mouth. No form of weapon shall prosper against me. (See Psalm 91) Thank You, Lord for Your grace and mercy.

Lucita from Mexico

Father, I praise and thank You, that in spite of all my heartaches and inner hurt, You gave me strength to carry on my faith, to look ahead, and see the bright side. So many abuses, physical and financial, were felt by me, but I managed to carry on because You never leave my side. You see me cry and You turn my heartaches into joy.

Dani from Warriors Mark, PA

Praise the Lord and thank You for everything!

Rosa from Fairview, CA

Thank You God for holding my family together, for all that You have blessed us with, food on our table, clothes on our backs, and especially Your love and patience. Show me how to be patient like Thee. I thank You God for allowing my son to go to college. Please guide and protect him and may he achieve his goals and dreams. I thank You and I adore You my one and only true God.

Peter from Michigan

Thank Jesus for all the good things He has done for me and the world.

R.John from Bidar, Karnataka, India

I thank my dear Lord Jesus Christ for helping me in my work. He miraculously leads me as I solve unsolved problems in all my the engineering subjects. He is the best professor and guide the world can have. I thank Him from all my heart. Amen.

Dear Lord, I praise Your matchless name for helping me when I face trouble. Especially on the day before my exam for final semester in engineering, when I didn't have time to prepare for the exam. That day was so horrible, there was a lot of the syllabus to cover, there was no current (electricity), and there was no hope for me to pass the exam. That day I slept but there was no peace. All night I had nightmares. Then You my God my Jesus, helped me. Next day I was afraid to see the questions, but I wrote that exam so well that I got maximum marks. You turned that day of sadness into a day of rejoicing. You my God understood my trouble. You saw my horrible situation. Thank You, dear Lord for Your concern. I will praise You from the bottom of my heart and will sing of Your fame in front of people. There are many more wonderful things that You have done for me which cannot be counted. All my life I shall live for Your glory. In Jesus' sweetest name, Amen.

Wolf from Gauteng, South Africa

Dear Lord, Thank You for answering my prayer by giving me work. The work You give me was better than what I had before. It is so much more than I expected. Let everyone know that not only do You answer prayers but You give us more than what we expect or ask for. Your name be praised, again and again. In Jesus' name, Amen.

Dear Jesus, Today I must declare to all, You are the one and only true God. I asked that my retrenchment be blessed in such a way that I will be able to start a new chapter in my life. You not only answered the prayer but You brought people along that path that removed all the obstacles for me. The blessings from Your storehouse were bigger than I had anticipated. Thank You dear Jesus for saving me. Thank You for forgiving my sins, not because I deserve it but simply because of Your grace and mercy. You do answer prayers even in 2013, especially in 2013.
Let me sing a song of praise for granting my mother's dying wish for me. Let all the world know You answer prayers. I praise You for closing this door at my work in the blessed way You did. Thank You for healing my body and blessing our transition to a new chapter in our lives. Thank You for opening my eyes to new opportunities. In Jesus' name, Amen.

Fely from Ireland

Praise be to God! Today (September 13, 2013) is the second year of my freedom from pain due to a spinal tumor. God had sustained me through almost six years of writhing in agony (undetected cause yet), but He heard my cries and restored my health in spite of failing Him for so many times. Gleefully, "...and with his stripes we are healed."...( Isaiah 53:5 KJV)

Robin from Wisconsin

Thank You, Lord for keeping me safe on my way to work this morning. I know You were with me this morning on my drive when a close call occurred. I appreciate Your life giving and loving support.

Nomawetu from Eastern Cape, Africa

I thank You Lord for blessing me with a wonderful family, for giving me the strength to press forward, and be a winner in all by Your grace and word. Thank You for my wonderful late mother who molded me to be a better person and taught me to respect You Lord. Thank You for the wonderful time I had with my only sibling (late brother). Thank You Lord for giving me people who were able to hold my arms up when my brother and mum were called by You Lord. Thank You Lord for making me accept what I don't have control over but know and believe everything is under Your control. Thank You for the job and thank You Lord for everything. I give You all the praise and glory.

Karen from Cape Town, Africa

Thank You dear Lord, for You are perfect and wonderfully made. I thank You that You have seen fit to make me an instrument of Your peace. I thank You that I know without a shadow of a doubt that this entire year would never have been possible without You. I thank You that You have given me such a heart filled with love for others. I thank You for filling me with such deep love and contentment for my family. In Jesus' precious name, Amen.

Deborah from Northern CA

I praise You, Lord for everything You have done. Since this disability started I had no idea what to do. Worked all my life and now I have no money coming in and just do not like asking for help. But You have seen me through. You have answered my prayers. Just as I am about to lose everything, You come through. I can feel You here with me everyday. You keep me strong in faith and see to it I get through one day at a time. I praise You with or without. I love You and dedicate everyday to Your glory. God bless.

Jeri from Texas

Father God, I lift mine eyes to You with thanksgiving in my heart. I thank You for my beautiful family and strong marriage. I do ask God that You bless my beautiful 20-year-old with the love of her life. If the one she has now is him, Lord please allow them to see it. Allow them to see the work it takes to have a marriage for Your grace. Allow them to come to You in their hour of need. I thank You for the forgiveness that You allow us and thank You for Your grace and love. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.

Viviene from San Diego, CA

God, thank You for opening my eyes, my ears, and my heart to Your presence. Thank You for never letting go of my hand when I fail to hold on. Thank You for my life, the air I breathe, food in my stomach, a roof over my head and love that You have surrounded me with. Thank You for taking care of my loved ones.

Michael from West Covina, CA

I thank God for picking me up each time that I stumble and forgiving me endlessly. I thank God for listening to my prayers despite my not deserving to be listened to. I thank God for being all powerful and all knowing. I ask Him to prevent me from stumbling, relinquish my free will, do what He wants me to do, and glorify Him. Thank You, God.

Lourdes from the Philippines

Lord, I thank You for all the wonderful blessings so awesomely given yesterday. Thank You for today and the next day's blessings. Yeah, You amaze me terribly. I love You.