S.L. from Arkadelphia, AR

God hears my prayers but not because I am good. He listens because He is good. Me, no, I am not good. I still have vices. I am at my end, and here it is that God begins. Oh Lord, how great You are and yet You care about the lowest of us. You are so good and kind and yet You let us make our painful mistakes, not taking away from us the freedom of our will. You come to us in whispers and silence, not streaked across the sky, but in the infinite smallest point, lest we be afraid, and die. We are a fragile blade of grass, easily destroyed. With care You part the weeds and guide our growth. You love us, this I know, but not why.

Oh, God, You are beautiful beyond imagining. You are caring, wise, and giving. You gave me everything to balance Your perfect nature and Your perfect love. How can a person be both perfectly merciful and perfectly just? Only You can do both and be all things perfect. In your wisdom, Lord, You took my payment upon Yourself that mercy might flow to undeserving ones like myself.

I am in awe. I am thankful. I am free. I know that You have a place reserved for me in Your exquisite presence forever. I don't have to fear whether I am good enough. I am not. It is Your free gift to me. Oh Lord Jesus, thank You. How can the common tongue express the gratitude for what You have given? What can mere words say? How much You have loved this race of mankind. How little we deserve it! I love You Jesus.