Thank You, Holy Spirit for helping me type out what I should say to my friend whom I have heard is not having a very good time in life now and that (most likely from what I hear) his spiritual journey with God has been dry. Thank You for helping me out and for showing me the truth.

Dear Lord God and Jesus, Thank You so much for hearing my prayers and letting A. welcome me for lunch and the outing and not saying anything unwelcoming. Also, thank You for improving our friendship. I want to thank You, God and Jesus for J's reply. It saved me from having to go for make-up lessons and for my lecturer to forgive my lateness. Thank You God, thank You Jesus for knowing my needs and helping me get through the day well.

I thank You for letting me have a great day with my friends, especially with A, B, and C. Thank You for improving our friendship with each other and for providing the opportunities to do so. Thank You for letting him accept my requests and for the bonus aid as well.

Thank You, God and thank You Jesus for hearing my prayers again. I am not sure if I was being too sensitive or not but at first I thought that my friend, S, was unhappy with me because she did not really say hello as she usually did. Also, all she did was just look at me and that was it. I prayed to You for forgiving me of my sins and to let S and I be friends again. If she was upset with me in any way, to let me know that our friendship is still alright and to give us opportunities to improve our friendship.

Not only was I shown by God and Jesus, that things between S and I are alright, but also that the both of us had a great day spending time with each other.

Thank You God, thank You, Jesus! Hallelujah! Without You, things would not have turned out this way. Thank You so much again.