A. Blair from Fort Worth, TX

God, I give you all the honor and glory for my life and the life of other single women that may still be waiting for their husbands to find them. Because You are the almighty God I am sure that me writing this praise will encourage some other woman.

In 2004, I told God that I wanted a husband but not to send me a perfect one because I would mess him up. I met a guy a few months later. Nothing about him was fancy, but he did come in a package that I found attractive. He was totally different than any man I had ever dated. He was rough around the edges. I still found him charming in many ways. On October 6, 2009 we were married. This man loves me very much, no doubt. I praise God because I found out, when we look for someone there's an exterior that's pleasing to the eye and what others expect to see us with. If we allow God to do it, there is a blessing that the eyes or others may not see. I love You God for Your love and faithfulness to me!