Dear Lord God, dear Jesus, thank You for answering my prayers and to let my friends reply back to me. I think I could have been too anxious or worried. Thank You also for improving the friendship which I share with J and S, as well as for providing us with the opportunities to do so.
Also, thank You for the other times when I have received Your countless blessings, but have not been grateful to thank for them.

I want to thank You dearest Father and dearest Lord Jesus for blessing me with the self-confidence I needed, especially during my sports class where I feel like I am not like the other girls who are so pretty, so abled, and confident, for giving me so many great days I had in school, for letting my bus come early so that I would not be later than I already was, for helping things be to my convenience. These are things, although they may be small things, which I want to thank You for. As they are still blessings sent down to me.

Dear Lord, dear Jesus, thank You for forgiving me of my sins, for coming to my rescue, and taking me back under Your wing. Thank You also for hearing my prayers this morning and letting me have a great day in school and especially for also showing me that all is well with me and my friends, especially with Cabb. Dearest Lord God, dearest Jesus, thank You for everything You have done for me.