Dear God, thank You so much for not letting me miss the last bus home and also thank You for not letting my parents scold me or such, when I came home due to it being very late (nearly midnight or so) and also for the fact that I initially wanted to 'camp out', which they, especially my dad, got really mad about. Thank You also for letting him reply me and to let everything between him and I be alright.

Thank You Lord, Jesus for having mercy on me. Thank You Lord and Jesus for hearing and answering my prayers, as well as intercessions to let me be able to get on the very packed bus today as I was going to have a very important quiz in class and I was already late. Also prior to this thank You for letting my bus arrive earlier too.

Thank You, Lord for forgiving me and showing me grace. Thank You for hearing the intercessions of Mother Mary for me this morning. Also, I would like to express my thanksgiving once more, for XR's warmth towards me and letting us be on good terms, eventually. Thank You for the attempt to be successful and also for not letting there be any delay. In conclusion, thank You Lord, Jesus for this wonderful day!