Lovers Lane United Methodist Church Sunday School Class, Dallas, Texas

Thank You for everything GOOD in our world! Thanks for our loving families! Thank You for this church where we worship and learn about You. -Third grade class

Praise God for His indescribable LOVE! Thank You for a new day to live and send up praise. May God use this day in my life to share His love with others. In Jesus, my precious Savior's name, Amen. -Amy

Thank You for life on earth. -R.P.W.

Thank You for healing James' hand.

Dear Lord, Thank You for everything good in our world. Thank You for creating all the good people in this world. Bless all the wonderful things. Thank You for eternal life. -Kayla

Thank You for the mountains for me to ski on in Vail. Thank You for giving us enough money to go there. Thank You for keeping my cousin Brian alive in his car accident. Thank You for such good friends and family members. Thank You for such a great LIFE! -Jenna

Thank You for my loving family. I love every thing You do, and thank You for helping me get over my cold. -Claire

Thank You that my hand is getting better and thank You that my mom's allergies are better. -GHB

Thanks for my dad, mom, and brother. -Brooks

Thank You for healing my wrist and thank You for my home. Thank You for my family that I live with and for Husker. Please help grandma and grandpa in their old age. Thank You for this world and for Texas. -K.B.S.