Liz from Atlanta, GA

Praise the Lord who is worthy to be praised! I want to give a praise testimony to encourage people out there that your prayers are not in vain! God listens and answers. It might not be the time you want it, but it will happen. I prayed to the Lord for months to restore my marriage of eight years, my husband and I have a child and separated for eight months. Everyone told me to give up but I held on knowing that God is the author of love.

I prayed and fasted over and over again, at times I was ready to give up, but His grace was sufficient for me. I held on and prayed through all my pains, and am happy to say God has done it. My husband and I are back together with our child and planing for the future. Never give up on your marriage never ever. I am a living testimony that God answers prayers. Praise the name of our living God!