Brandon from Virginia

I thank God for bringing me through everything that I've been through. I could have died many times but Jesus kept me because He has a plan for my life. I don't know exactly what that plan or my purpose is but I know that one day God will use me for His plan...God, I love You, and I don't want to live without You. I'm asking that You protect and watch over me throughout my life and no matter how far I may have strayed from You, that You will always bring me close again. No one can go through life without having struggles and pain, as well as joy and happiness. I just ask You, Lord Jesus that the joy, the happiness, the praise, and the good memories and times, outweigh the struggles and pain.

And bless my family and my mother. She has gone through a lot to serve You. I hate to see her go without and struggle. But I know that if you serve God, that you will suffer. But God I ask that You keep her in good health, never let her go without and protect her always. She is the most God-fearing, loving, spiritual person that I have ever known. Every one who knows her knows this. I hope to one day see her in Your Kingdom along with me. And Jesus, if the girl that I'm with now is the one, please save us, and forgive us for all the mistakes that we have made. I pray that she one day turns to You, and we can get married and have a holy relationship. And that our children will grow up to be God-fearing people and we all are reunited in Your Kingdom. Thank You, God.