Kenisha from New York

Thank You Lord for loving me and my family. Thank You for Your patience toward us. Thank You that all will be well in Jesus' name. Thank You that principalities and powers have no power over the blood
of Jesus. Amen.

Praise God in His holiness. I thank God for the mercy that He extends to my family and I daily. I thank and praise Him for being my Jehovah Jireh─never failing to provide for me. As I headed into the subway this morning, I had $1.50 on my MetroCard and $1.00 worth of coins to add to it to make up to the $2.50 cost of riding the subway. I was in a hurry to drop my son off at school and didn't want the train to come while I was adding the money to my card. Thankfully I was spared the possibility of that happening. A woman (who apparently had an unlimited ride MetroCard) was standing at the turnstile offering to swipe someone in. I jumped at the chance. She swiped and my son and I went in. She turned away quickly before I had the chance to thank her. But I thanked God for her and asked God to bless her and her family. Also, later in the day on my way to work, after getting out of the train, the bus I have to transfer on to get to work was already on the stop. The stop was about 100 meters from me and the bus had the green light. I thought for sure I wouldn't make it, but thank God I did. The bus stood there until the light went on red. I gleefully boarded and gave God thanks for coming through for me once again.