R.John from Bidar, Karnataka, India

I thank my dear Lord Jesus Christ for helping me in my work. He miraculously leads me as I solve unsolved problems in all my the engineering subjects. He is the best professor and guide the world can have. I thank Him from all my heart. Amen.

Dear Lord, I praise Your matchless name for helping me when I face trouble. Especially on the day before my exam for final semester in engineering, when I didn't have time to prepare for the exam. That day was so horrible, there was a lot of the syllabus to cover, there was no current (electricity), and there was no hope for me to pass the exam. That day I slept but there was no peace. All night I had nightmares. Then You my God my Jesus, helped me. Next day I was afraid to see the questions, but I wrote that exam so well that I got maximum marks. You turned that day of sadness into a day of rejoicing. You my God understood my trouble. You saw my horrible situation. Thank You, dear Lord for Your concern. I will praise You from the bottom of my heart and will sing of Your fame in front of people. There are many more wonderful things that You have done for me which cannot be counted. All my life I shall live for Your glory. In Jesus' sweetest name, Amen.