James from MD

Dear GOD and JESUS,
Thank you for all that you do for me, my family and this world.  I thank you
for loving me even though i do not love myself.

Jim from Texas

Praise to the son of God, who was sacrificed for our sins. Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Stella from Avondale, AZ

Thank you, Jesus for being with me in times of trouble, in Jesus name amen!

Angel from North Carolina

Thank you God in the name of Jesus for hearing and answering my prayer!

Dan from Cove, Arkansas

Thank You Lord for saving my Life in my accident.
Praise God Almighty...

Freeman from Eulfaula, AL

Dear Jesus, I thank You that I am 83 and I am still able to take good care of myself. You give me the strength and meet all of my needs, from fresh water to good food, shoes on my feet, clothes on my back, a nice place to sleep, a nice abode, and good transportation, but most of all, You wrote my name in the Lamb's book of life!

Randy from Dubois, PA

Thank You, God for sending a complete stranger who knew what I was thinking and planning on doing that night. The only way he would know was through You. Thank You for loving me enough to save me from suicide.

Carla from Australia

I praise and thank You Father for Your complete healing upon my daughter. I praise and thank You for Your healing and protection upon my family. Praise Your Holy name!

Ken from South Carolina

Thank You, God, for giving me so many blessings. I know the all great things happen because of You. With You, the good things out way the bad and I am grateful to You.

Garrett from New Jersey

I thank and praise God for healing my mother from the flu, for blessing, protecting, providing, healing, guiding, forgiving, delivering our family, and giving us His perfect peace. I give God all glory, honor, and praise. In Jesus' name. Hallelujah!

Bee from Missouri

Thank You, God for blessing my family and me in all the many ways that You have, do, and will. Father God, I just thank You and give You the highest praise for all of Your miraculous ways and works, in Jesus' name! I love You, Lord and I don't know where my family or me would be without You.

Srinivasa from India

Thank You Lord, for making my friend waive off my debt of 50,000 Indian rupees. It's Your work and favor.

Sandi from Morganton, GA

Father God, the great I AM, I praise and thank You, oh most high Lord. My heart that belongs to You and You alone. Oh, mighty Jesus, Amen.

Rok from Redlands, CA

Thank You, Father God, You are great. Thanks for the peeps in my life that help me and thanks for the strength to be better and to care. I deserve beyond nothing and yet You give me everything and comfort me. I'm sorry that I hurt You while I was away. Please forgive me. I pray for Your guidance in being a good servant to You. Help me be of use to You, Father God. Thank You for doing all that You do. Nah really, on the real. I love You.

Sara from Tampa, Florida

Thank You, good all mighty God for everything You have done and You're in the process of doing. Thank You God for this day. Please God look after me during probation. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.

Kristina from New York

Thank You so much Lord for answering my prayers once again. You are great! Just when I think I can't make it through You lift me up into Your arms and bring me out of the darkness. Prayer works. Love and peace to all.

Rochelle from Maryland

Thank You, Lord Jesus for the amazing blessings and grace You provide to me, especially the recent test results. I will continue to rest in Your love and peace.

Mary from Oklahoma

I want to thank God in advance for completely taking care of this issue. He already knew what would happen before it occurred. I am going to sleep, and will completely rely on this almighty God, creator of this Universe, maker of all things. He does all things well. He will give me complete wisdom over this matter.

Morella from Florida

Thank You my sweet Lord Jesus for giving me the will, strength, and work to be able to help my family in terrible distress in Venezuela. Lord, Thank You for all You do for me, for my infinite health, for an awesome loving husband, my beautiful home, and my never ending faith in You. I love You, Lord!

Richard from Maine

Oh Great Provider, Father of all that is, I give thanks for this life and all that You have given for our benefit. Your love for us must truly be great. I am surrounded at all times by healing rays emanating from the universal, pure heart that is You. Cold, foggy, or rainy days cannot prevent Your life-fulfilling goodness from entering our very atoms and reviving our sluggish souls. Amen.

Cindy from California

I thank You most precious Lord for sending a friend to pray for me today. You eased my restless mind, and I believe You healed my body. Thank You and praise You forever my loving God. I love You.

Avram from New Jersey

Thank You so very much Abba Father for all You did, do, and are doing for me and my family. I am forever thankful.

Lisa from New York

Thank you Jesus for giving my daughter a job. Please help her in the transition as she relocates to another state. Thank You for answering our prayers.

Sherry from Jefferson City, TN

Saved by God Himself. Had ups and downs especially dealing with witches. Spiritual warfare is very real and I'm slowly being touched by our Trinity, three in Their walk. Every day for the rest of this human life, I won't go back to smoking or drinking. I will fight temptation with our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

Wayne from West Virginia

I'm 27. I was drinking so bad for years, no relationship with my girl or my four kids almost at all. Always starting a fight so I could go drink. I would literally sneak behind their backs and drink all the time. I would start fist fights with random people, steal, compulsively lie, and destroy people's lives. I have suffered from anxiety and panic disorder. I firmly believe it's God taking my past so I can use that for a witness. I fully surrendered myself to God and I'm claiming His healing in Jesus' name. I'm a better father and husband now. And I want to continue to become as great as I can to them. Thank You Lord for Your healing. Amen.

Tom from Dallas, GA

I praise Your name and thank You for Your holiness and goodness. You are the most high God and Your plan is unfolding right before us. Lord, Although I am unworthy, I praise and lift Your name today.

God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, I want to praise Your name this morning and thank You for all creation. Lord, there are no other gods. You are the one true living God. Thank You for sending Your son Jesus to absolve me and the world for our sins. Jesus, the son of God, I want to thank You again for Your sacrifice and for the love You have shown all humanity, through Your sacrifice and love for man.
God, I want to praise and lift Your name. Thank You for all You have given me. I am not worthy, but for some reason You always seem to look after me and bless me as well. Jesus, Thank You for Your sacrifice so that I am not doomed. Jesus Christ is the name above all names!

Rachel from Brooklyn, NY

Dear Lord, I just want to thank You for blessing me with a job offer today! You answered my specific prayers for a corporate job. You have promoted me three levels through this job and I am in awe of You, Abba. I thank You for being mindful of me. Hallelujah Jesus. All glory and all honor to Your name Jesus. I love You, Lord!

Onyango from Nairobi

Thank You Almighty and ever living God for all the things You've done for me and the ones still in store for me. You are an amazing God. Glory be to the most high.

Samuel from Victoria, British Columbia

Thank You, giver of life and health, for healing my body and my soul. Thank You for taking away the cancer and for teaching me that we all have the power to be healed. I am grateful for being alive, for my life, for my family, and my community. I thank You God, for giving me another chance.

Phyllis from North Carolina

Just want to say thank You to Jesus. I have severe COPD along with asthma. Well, for the past three weeks I've not been able to breathe. I mean my air was almost completely cut off. I was watching the 700 Club this morning and the hosts were praying for people. They were praying for someone with a blockage in their lungs. I raised my hands to Heaven and said "I claim that word from the Lord." I coughed kind of hard but something broke lose and I've been able to breathe ever since. Thank You, Jesus. He's healed me several times and every time differently but I give Him the glory and to Him only.

Daniel from Australia

Thank You God for bringing Malissa into my life. I am truly blessed.

Shane from Mobile, AL

A coworker and his wife both gave their hearts to Jesus at church yesterday. He is a very influential person on the job and God's glory is in full display. Thank You, Jesus.

Linda from Canada

Praise the Lord for giving us the miracle of a healthy granddaughter and that she can hear. Both her parents are deaf and their last baby was stillborn. I have prayed and God answered. Thank You, Lord.

Lawrence from Bolingbrook, Illinois

Thank You God for healing my son Francis from anxiety and depression, guiding him to the road of recovery, and helping him every step through his friends and people around him. You are the most beautiful and the everlasting God. Hallelujah.

Carol and Frank from New York

Thank You Lord God, Jesus, our Father. Praise be to You. We give thanks and praise and kneel in Your presence, holiness, and glory. Thank You for protecting us from the traps of the devil, he is the wicked one who tries to trick us. Thank You Lord, Father for Your blessings. We worship and love You Father. Glory to You merciful God and Jesus.

Danielle from Virginia

Thank You, Father El Shaddai and Lord Jesus for bringing a great breakthrough and deliverance to my brother today! Thank You for bringing healing to my car today too. There are so many things I can thank You for, if I write them all down, I might be writing for the rest of my life. I'm so grateful for everything. Thank You for everything You're about to do: healing and delivering me, my family, and my friends from all afflictions and for manifesting Your presence powerfully on Earth. We are looking forward to Your signs, wonders, and miracles being poured out more and more for all to see. Let there be no delay and no holding back, in Jesus' name.

Thank You, Lord God and Lord Jesus for healing and delivering me from my infirmities and from all witchcraft attacks. Thank You for helping me through my battles and for giving me complete victory in Jesus' name. Thank You. Hallelujah! Praise be to God and Jesus, my friends, healers, and deliverers. Amen. I love You, Lord God and Lord Jesus. Thank You for loving me too.

Viorica from Australia

My Lord, my God, I sincerely want to thank You from the depths of my heart for taking care of my little baby Ezmeralda! For keeping her safe in Your arms and showing me love when I had no hope in my life. Thank You for healing my sorrows of pain and mourning for my baby, and for showing me mercy when I was at the lowest point of my life. I know my baby Ezmeralda is safe and she prayed for me. I love You so much my little queen and I love You my Lord, my God.

Norman from Grand Rapids, MI

Thank You, God the Father for the gifts of Your Son Jesus Christ and the promise of a new life and salvation through Him, for the gift of The Holy Spirit to reside in our hearts and souls, and for the gift of the Blessed, Virgin mother Mary, the mother of Your Son. Amen.

Mukund from Bangalore, India

Thank You, Jesus for the blessings showered upon us. Thank You for all the happiness, health, and wealth. Thank You for this day.

Chris from Jacksonville, Fl

I thank my God everyday for saving me of heavy cocaine and heroin abuse after 20 years of addiction. He has given me guidance and direction. And I feel the best I ever have. I'm free. Thank You, Jesus.

Arthur from Hendersonville, NC

Since opening my eyes and ears to God I have enjoyed the promise of success and prosperity by putting God first. Rejoice always my brothers and sisters and keep the faith. He is all good, all wise, and all knowing. Thank You my Lord and Savior and the one true God Almighty!

Daniel from Glendale, AZ

Thank You, God our Heavenly father for divine healing from allergy rhinitis and all my body parts functioning well. I am healed in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. There is no sickness, infection, virus, or disease in the name of Jesus. By faith I am healed and covered by the stripes and blood of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Donna from Canada

I just want to give thanks to God for helping me through my challenges and obstacles. Thank God for waking my family and I this morning and being able to see all His glory. God's timing is always right. I pray to continue worship, praising and glorifying His name for the rest of my life.  All praises to the Lord for protecting and guiding my children and me. What a mighty God. To God be the glory. Amen.

Bonnie from Pine Bush, NY

 My family and I give thanks to God and Jesus for the rest of my life. I give thanks to God and Jesus for the lessons I learned today and always learn. I give thanks for my peaceful night sleep tonight and for taking care of me always. Love You, God and Jesus for all Your love and help today.

Chelle from the United States

I want to thank You for healing me! I have been sick for nine months, went to doctors who didn't know what was wrong, went through surgery and thought there was no hope and I was going to be sick forever. With faith, prayer, and patience, the Lord heard my prayers and saw my tears. I have been through so much but in the end I would not change anything. This process has brought me so close to Jesus Christ, has strengthened my faith, and has made me a better person overall. I also now have such a wonderful testimony that I can share and encourage others through Jesus Christ. Now I can show thanks to Him by sharing my story and bringing honor and glory to Him.

Kayan from Eagan, MN

Thank You, God for enabling me to buy a used car that I can use to get around in the Minnesota winter weather! Thank God for His blessings! Amen.

Esther from Nairobi

For two and a half years, I've been trying to make ends meet. Thank You for always providing beyond expectations.

Haylee from the United States

Thank you Jesus, for making my problems bearable.

Kirsten from the United States

Thank You Heavenly Father for sending Jesus to us. He is everything to me. He is our Lord and Saviour. Thank You, Jesus. "That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth; And that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father." (Phil 2:10 KJV) Thank You for redeeming us from sin and granting us grace and mercy. We adore You.

Jenny from South Africa

Dear Lord Jesus, With tears in my eyes, I thank You for saving my child tonight! Thank You for guiding my hands and giving me wisdom. You were with us every step of the way. I praise You Almighty Saviour.

Terry from Spartanburg, SC

Lord God, Thank You so much for all the blessings You have bestowed on me and my family. Thank You for the relief from anxiety and fear I have felt in the last few months. Your will be done Lord, in all things. Amen.
Dear Lord, Again You have answer my prayer. My family has been displaced for a while and today You helped us find a home. I am nothing without You. I was once again at the end of my rope and You were there. I pray tonight to give my eternal gratitude and ask that You lead me to a place where You will use me as a tool to help others in need. I pray for a strengthened faith and trust in You and Your Word. Today makes the second time You have kept my family off the street. Your mercy surely has no bounds as I am surely no saint. Thank You, Lord. Amen.

Lois from Georgia

Sremac from Serbia

Praise the Lord! I was a drug addict, 11 years ago. I am healed and saved by the love and grace of God through Jesus Christ our Lord. (Ephesians 2:4-5). Glory to the Lord, Jesus Christ.

Joseph from Long Beach, CA

Thank You, God for always being there. In the good and in the most darkest times I firmly believe that I was like most people who believe but wasn't really connected during the mass. I know through You, I was humbled. I've spent countless days wondering about why I am worthy of Your love. I know now how much of that love was bestowed upon this world by Jesus, a debt so big it could never be paid back. To tell You the truth I was scared and stubborn all these years. I hope one day I can earn that privilege to finally be saved. With a gratitude unsurpassed, I praise You, Almighty God.

Nadiah from the United Arab Emirates

Lord, Thank You for everything that You have done for me and for my family. Thank You for all the challenges that I am facing for I know that I will rise above it all. Thank You for all the setbacks in my life as they have made me strong. Thank You for all the problems for I know You will not give me something I wouldn't bear. Thank You that I am unemployed for I know that You are preparing me for something bigger with a much better pay, with a wonderful company, and with wonderful colleagues. Thank You Lord for my empty purse for I know You will refill it. Thank You so much for everything, Lord. I will never stop praising You. Forgive me for all the times I failed You. I
love You my Lord. Amen.

Sandra from the United States

Praise God! I thank You, Father for being my keeper and most importantly loving me and never forsaking me. I might not like the trials that I must go through to get where I'm going but just knowing that there is a future with You keeps me going. Love You, Father and all my sisters and brothers in the Lord.

Keith from the United States

Thanks Lord for getting me through this hard period in my life.

Paul from the United States

Thank You, Lord Jesus for helping my daughter in her time of need. She has been in pain and taking heavy medicine for quite a while. She now has less stress and less pain medicine. Thanks for Your grace.

Terry from Lynchburg, VA

Dear God, Though I have walked in darkness all my life and have begged for deliverance while continuing my sinful ways, You have never given up on me. There has never been a time when I have come to You at the end of my rope and asked for forgiveness and help with a situation that You didn't prove that You are there for me and my family. I now beg You for forgiveness for all my sins and for a renewed faith that will lead me out of the darkness and into a life that You would have me lead. Thank You God for my family and all the blessings You have allowed for us. Thank You for the opportunities to prove my faith (even though I have failed You miserably so many times). Thank You for the awakening and another chance to live a faithful life. In the name of Jesus' I pray, Amen.

Lee from New York

I love You Father. Thank You Lord for blessing me much more than I deserve! Without Your love I am and have nothing.

Jeromelee from Los Angeles, CA

I thank You Lord for being in this hospital with me and healing me with no doctor touching or cutting on me. Thank You, Father I will never forget this day, I'll tell the world about Your works. Thank You, I love You Father, God.

John from Mauritius, East Africa

Thank You Jesus for returning my wife and children safely to me! Thank You for being with me during those three weeks of loneliness, for being at my side, and never letting me fall out of Your never ending love and forgiveness. I am flawed, but You never let me escape Your grasp. Despite me, You save me. When I go far You draw closer, when I fail You pick me up. When I fear, You calm and reassure. Who could ever be like You? I know no friends like You, no master like You, and no love like Yours. May You ever be with me in my successes and in my failures. Amen.

Carol from Pietermaritzburg, South Africa

Thank You, Father for Your blessings on me. Thank You for making my son go through to grade 5. Thank You for Your favour on me, providing me with a job to take care of my family, a flat, a car to take me where I need to go, food, power, and a loving husband.

Glen from New Jersey

Thank You, Lord Jesus for protecting me and saving my life. Praise and glory to You, Amen.

James from Houston, TX

Jesus, I am going through a storm but I know everything is going to work out. Thank You for carrying me.

Nat from India

Thank You, Jesus for healing me.

Romulo from Macau

Father in Heaven, Thank You for not making a mistake in my life. The bad things, the negative things, the odd things, the ugly things, the accidents, the mistakes, the shortcomings, the hardships, the pains, the failures, the unfair treatments, the misjudgment, the misfortunes, and my enemies are all important things woven together to make me the person You planned me to be and that I am still here alive praising and worshiping You.

Susan from Michigan

I have asked Jesus Christ to intercede healing my beloved and bringing him back to me and my prayers have been answered. I am so truly blessed by Jesus, who upheld me, gave me strength, faith, and hope and have comforted me waiting until this miracle came to be.

Christopher from Nassau, Bahamas

Thank You, God for providing me with a job. You are truly a good God. May Your blessing be for Your honor. How gracious and kind You are Lord.

Pam from Fayetteville, NC

Dear Lord, I give thanks for Your only begotten Son Who died on the cross for our sins and I will continue to pray for all nations including America for peace on this Earth as You intended. It is God's land for all His children, in Jesus' name. So let's give thanks and continue to love one another especially if God lives in you and pray He will live in others who aren't there yet. Happy Thanksgiving, World!

Jay from Fargo, ND

Thank You, Father for surrounding me with angels!

James from Albuquerque, New Mexico

Thank You, Father for all that You have done for me and for my Christmas present of a new job. I was afraid that I would never work again. Thank You for Your infinite love and grace. I praise You, there is none like You.

Cynthia from Tucson, AZ

Thank You Jesus for hearing my prayer for healing and responding so quickly. I love, adore, and obey You in all things and I am so grateful for Your unfailing love.

Sylvia from Yonkers, NY

Thank You, Lord for healing me. You, Lord Jesus know my heart and my feelings. I give You the highest praise. Holy, Holy, Holy, O Lord God Almighty You are my God. Hallelujah, my Father. I love You much each day because You demonstrated love and mercy. You, Lord could have let me take my last breath, but Your love and mercy said live, live daughter live. Again Father, thank You for I am healed.

Joseph from Pennsylvania

Thank You, Lord for blessing us each and everyday, for my loving family. You have gifted me with the greatest mother I could ever ask for. Thank You for the answered prayers. I pray to You my Lord to continue to bless us with Your love and mercy everyday and to protect us from harm and evil always and forever. Amen.

EKT from Texas

Thank You my Lord for all that You are doing for me and have done for me. Forgive me of my sin, watch my steps, lead me and guide me. Thank You in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Ryan from Florida

Dear God, Thank You for sparing me after my last relapse. I thank You I still have my health, job, freedom, car, home, license, friends, and family. You are so kind and generous and I pray You take this from me.

Shellanne from Australia

Thank You Jesus for keeping my son safe from every day trails that come with growing up. We are blessed to be loved by You and we both love You unconditionally more and more every day. Amen.

Jim from McAllen, TX

We pray for peace on earth and good will toward men. Jesus, Your birth gave us renewed hope, Your death, despair. The resurrection renewed our spirit to life everlasting.  Lord, hear our prayers. May the spirit Jesus Christ, come into our hearts, and guide us down the path of righteousness. Blessed are the meek for they will inherit the earth. Lord, the lamb of God have mercy on our souls.

May the Lord comfort and accept my mother-in-law who died on Friday. She was a good woman on Earth.

Jose from North Carolina

Thank You Lord for my job. You are so awesome and faithful to Your word. I just praise You and magnify You. You're exalted!

Sherry from Michigan

Lord, I thank You for healing me in more ways than one. Lord, You know what I am going through. There is so much I don't understand about my life. Lord, what will You have me do? I want to be the person You want me to be and that is to serve You with all my heart, soul, mind, and body. Lord, I am asking You for the help I need so much in my life, home, marriage, and my finances. I am so unhappy and don't know what to do. So right now in the name of Jesus I want to thank You for my victories. I so blessed to be Your child.

John from Texas

Thank You, God for my past my present and my future. I truly love You.

Rajesh from India

Dear Christ, I was always associated with my daily prayers, Bible reading, attending church, and so on during my childhood. But as the days passed by, I had departed from You gradually. Though I never used to seek You, You gave me a good job. You made me to get married to my loved one and abundantly blessed me. But still I never bothered to turn up to You. The big turning point, my wife was sick. Out of fear I decided to change myself as it's the time for me to learn a lesson. I never missed a day reading the Bible. Myself and my wife are not going to be departed from You, dear Lord. I would stand as a true witness in front of this world. And we are never going to unfollow Your words and promise You that we won't depart from You. Thank You so much for recovering my wife. Thank You so much dear Lord. Feeling blessed.

M from London, England

Thank You God Almighty for all You have done for me. I shall never stop singing Your praise. Amen.

Debbie from Virginia

Thank You dear Heavenly Father, my Creator, guidance counselor, and sovereign King! Thank You Lord for answering my prayers and bringing Anniebelle home. My heart is overflowing with love and gratitude.

Thomas from Harrisburg, PA

Thank You for helping me finally get a job that pays rather well.

Jehu from Los Angeles, CA

Thank You God for changing my life. I know I cannot really see it right now but the future will be good. Thank You again. Praise God!

Karen from Alabama

Thank You Lord God for all that You have done! I appreciate You! You are so awesome and marvelous. I can't tell it all. Thank You for the amazing things You have done in my life and are still doing. I love You.

Catherine from Philadelphia, PA

Thank You and praise You Lord Jesus for helping my older son get back $600 that he thought he wouldn't get back. Thank You and praise You Lord Jesus and Holy Spirit for hearing my prayer
for my younger son who has recently started a new job.

Raymund from Thailand

Thank You God for giving me a new opportunity to grow. You provided, just as You promised. Now I ask for wisdom, strength, and courage to choose what path is best for me. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.

Kara from Kentucky

I had clear cell cancer adenocarcinoma of the cervix. The doctor told me I needed chemo and radiation and if it was going to come back the odds would be in the first two years. I looked him in the eyes and told him I would pray it away and I was going to stand on God's word to heal me. I told him that is what prayer, faith, and belief can do. But you truly have to believe God will do it and not doubt. I am cancer free, healed, and I give God all the glory!

Luvlidina from New Jersey

Lord, I love You. I praise You, I worship You for You are the beginning and the end, the Alpha and the Omega, and I thank You for being a part of my daily life. For I know I fall short many times, and I am unworthy of Your love. You still continue to love me, and that is why I scream hallelujah and give You the highest of praises. Even when I did not know You, You still loved and cared for me, and You removed me from those circumstances which were not of You, and I thank You Lord. For I was just a speck of dust and You breathed life into me, and filled me with a purpose. And with the Holy Spirit, and more importantly Lord, You paid a debt You did not owe, so that I may live and my family may live, so thank You, Lord. I sing glory to Your name.

Norma from Chicago, IL

I thank You Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ for being Yourselves and for Your warm, kind love and mercy that  You have for us. Thank You Father and Christ for not giving up on me and my family. Thank You Father and Christ that You have everything under control in our lives. I love You.

Sharon from Wilmington, NC

I can't praise God enough for what He has done for me! He brought me out of the sinking sand, and took away all of my sins and never remembers them again. How great thou art. His mercies are renewed every morning. Without Him we can do nothing. God is on the throne. I can't comprehend what God did by sending His Son to die; so that we who are saved can escape hell. What a wonderful savior we have. It is only right to give Him thanks and praise forever and ever.

Marilyn from Chateauguay, Canada

Thank You for giving me my son Patrick, after my devastating miscarriage. Thank You for taking care of my sweet angel in Heaven.Tell her/him I love and miss her/him everyday. I love and thank You for my life, my son, and my child in Heaven.

Kim from Georgia

Thank You God for my new job. This opportunity is a blessing and I plan to do the best job at this position I can. All praises belong to You and I give them to You. Thank You, God.

D.A.R. from India

Thank You God for loving me so much and forgiving my mistake. Thank You for setting me free from my past sins and thanks to every person who has forgiven me. I am also very thankful to You for getting me the job I was desiring so much. Thank You for being so kind to me. Thank You very much.

Sailau from Utah

Thank You Heavenly Father for I know the complete manifestation of my healing is on the way. Thank You for the restoration, promotion, and blessings that will come to pass and all that is connected to me. I declare victory through Jesus Christ in all areas of my life. By His
stripes I am healed!

Kenzie from Michigan

Thank You, Lord for being with me through these times and helping me beat my illness. Praise be to You and Your name! I love You, and all that You do.

Patsy from Birmingham, AL

I'd like to give God thanks for all He has done.

Priya from India

Thank You so much God for giving me such a lovable life partner. With him I feel protected, honored, blessed, and beautiful. Life is really beautiful with him.

Linda from Rock Creek, MN

Praise You, Lord thank You for being so much fun. I love You! You're amazing, truly amazing, awesome God. I'm yours forever and always. I love You more than love itself. Thank You wonderful gracious Father, a life without You in it, is not truly living. Thank You, Father for being so merciful to me.

Susan from California

Thank You, God for sparing my son last Sunday. I love You.

Amelia from South Africa

Dear Father God, Thank You for hearing my prayers and wiping my tears. I am feeling positive and blessed today. Father, I would not have been in this position today if it was not for You. I pray that You Father God will continue to bless my relationship with Martin and lead and guide me in making it all You know it can be, Father. In Jesus; name I pray, Amen.

Issy from Burlington, Ontario

Thank You, Lord for blessing me with gainful employment. I have been out of work for two years, not by my choosing but for different personal reasons.There were some challenges and obstacles I had to pass through, but God as always proved Himself faithful and worthy of all praise and adoration. I will keep singing and thanking God for this new level in my life, and as He continues to uplift me, I will sing His praise all the days of my life.

Christopher from Manila, Philippines

God, Lord, Creator, Thank You for the three miracle healings that You gave to me this past week.
You saved my life. I shall always praise and thank You for Your wonderful blessings. I love You God. Thank You.

Denine from Canada

Thank You God for answering my prayers for a new job. This is not a career change but a life change. I am so thankful-You saved my life with this blessing. All glory is Yours!

Chris from Calgary

Thank You Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

Ina from South Africa

Jesus Christ, I thank You my son's seizures were brought under control. I will forever be thankful he has a second chance. I am grateful to the doctor. Amen.

Delmas from Charlestown, IN

Thank You Jesus and thank You God, I am a true follower of Jesus Christ.

Michael from San Angelo, Texas

Praise You Lord, that I am healed, Tracii is healed, every need we have is met, and the desires of our heart have been granted! Hallelujah! Thank You for paying our rent plus all fees. Thank You for the new vehicle and for providing a stay in the mountains for three months. Thank You for the new home we have waiting for us in Magnolia in November. Thank You for capitalizing the businesses quickly. Thank You for helping us cope with this in joy. Thank You for getting the family we love out of Pakistan with their lives. Thank You for the cross and the empty tomb! Thank You for more than enough. Hallelujah! Thank You for comforting families. Glory to Your name forever and ever!

Dale from North Carolina

You are awesome, God. Thank You for the many blessings that You give to me. I don't deserve them. In my life, I have turned my back on You, but, because You are everything, You never turn Your back on me. You have shown me what true and pure love is. My heart is Yours forever. You have always been there for me. You have always taken care of my needs as You promised. There is no doubt that You are real and that You love me. I am in awe and thank You for bathing me in Your beautiful light. Thank You for loving me.

Rebecca from Pennsylvania

Thank You, Lord for Your mighty blessings by allowing our family to locate our brothers and father and bringing peace to our Earth. And thank You, Lord for making a way when it looked like there was no way.

D Brown from Stuttgart, Germany

Thank You, Lord for my baby boy. I have not taken a pregnancy test yet but I believe and have faith that I have conceived in Jesus' name. Thank You, Lord for victory! To God be the glory.

Joy from California

Thank You, Lord, for Your healing hands. I was diagnosed with a complex kidney cyst. Been to different radiologists. Tonight, I received the greatest news that my cyst is benign and that I don't have to do a follow up test! You, Oh Lord, are our merciful and greatest Healer. With You all things are possible!

Allyson from Surf City, NC

Thankful to You, Lord Father in Heaven. Today at the beach my little angel fell in my arms fainting. I immediately started begging You to please help her. You did and sent so many other good people to help her. The ambulance came and ran tests. It was the hot Carolina heat. Thank You again Jesus. In Your sweet precious name, Amen.

Teresa from Markham, Ontario

Thank You, God for looking after me all the time. When I am lost and do not know what to do, You give me direction and solution.

Darren from Brisbane, Australia

Thank You, Lord for protecting my son Liam and his friend last night on the way home from sports training at a Christian school. His car was hit by a small truck who was speeding and had no lights on. My son's car was a wreck and they both walked away from it. The fire rescue said it was a miracle no one was hurt. God, You are so good to us when You answer my prayers each day to protect him in his car. Praise God for He gives us miracles. From a thankful Father.

Stella from Avondale, AZ

Thank You, God for helping me settle. Now help my husband get new employment. In Jesus' name, Amen!

Thank You, Jesus for all Your blessings. Thank You, Jesus for another birthday. I turned 60 today! Please allow me to live a healthy, wealthy, and happy life, in Jesus' name. I thank You sweet Jesus that You will help me come out of this money problem ASAP! Because You love us and don't want to see us suffer. In Jesus' name, Amen.

Thank You, Lord for helping me with my finances. Thank You, Jesus for helping me extend my bills without a problem and please help me with my finances and to get out of debt. In Jesus' name.

Thank You, Jesus for all You do for us, from the roof over our heads to our food on the table. Thank You. Thank You.

Jessica from Calgary, Canada

Thank You, Jesus for preventing a fire after leaving the stove on for eight hours! I know You saved our dogs, our house, our belongings. There was only smoke in the house. Jesus, I praise You publicly and I believe no children of Yours will ever die in a fire. In Jesus' name, Amen.

Michelle from Ontario, Canada

Dear God, Thank You for blessing me with my new job as a nurse practitioner. Please use me as Your instrument to serve others in sickness and in maintaining optimal health. Help me to be strong for those who are suffering so that I may walk with them in their grief and sorrow. Help me to understand and be compassionate for all those that I come in contact with. And thank You, dear God for showing me my true path.

Sandra from Tennessee

Thank You, God for all the blessings You've bestowed upon me and my sons. Thank You so much for Your love, grace, protection and healing. And during this difficult time of hurt and transition, thank You for providing my sons and I with a home with room for us all, a sanctuary that we can call home. You know our needs and we are in Your hands. And may we also be of help and a blessing to others.

Sonny from the Philippines

I praise You, Lord for I have You in my life and I can always come to You with all the problems I face. Thank You, Jesus. I love You my Lord my life, my all.

Lord Jesus, You are everything in my life and I submit my whole self unto You.

Dear Lord Jesus, Thank You Jesus. You're there and I am sure You're seeing me and hearing me. When I am down and sad I have You. Lord, Having You in my life is my strength and my only
hope in life. I love You Jesus and please stay with me and in everything I do. The Lord is always with me though not all the time I knew. Forgive me Lord, often times I make decisions without thinking of You. I am so grateful that there is You I can always run to. I love You, Lord Jesus.

Adrian from Anniston, AL

Thanks Jesus for taking care of me. I'm sure I let you down at times. I'm sorry for all the times that I have messed up. I've had a great life and I'm confident You will continue to bless me with many years to come. Sincerely, Adrian.

Ermin from New Jersey

Thank You, Almighty God for loving my family even in hardship, insanities taking care of hardheaded kids, strength to take care of my family and my patients, wisdom how to deal with them in the most righteous way, and patience to lengthen more patience so we can understand how they feel and how we can help them. Thank You for Your daily bread. Thank You for bringing us not into temptation and trials of life. Thank You from delivering us from evil. My Lord Jesus Christ, Thy will be done.

Elizangela from Brazil

Thank God, for this wonderful day created by Your hands. Thank You for Your love and that You reap my tears in the form of a prayer.

Thank You Lord, for Your love, grace, and compassion. Love You for Your sovereignty that You Lord perform all the days in my life.

Willie Mae from Davie, FL

Thank You, Lord for healing my son, my husband, and my body. Thank You for providing.

Melissa from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

I cannot believe it. It's true. You can get healed after watching a 'Praise the Lord' TV show. I believed in the prayer and the pain from my operation that has been hurting for months literally went away. I don't know this channel. I don't know the speaker. I just believed. Thank You, Lord Jesus!
Thank You, Lord for everything You have given me. The pain, the joy, the suffering, and the rewards. I am so grateful and so lucky to have gone through all those things and still going through them because I know I am healing and growing. Thank You for always being there. I love You.

Dear Lord, Thank You for answering my prayers, especially with my finances and with my emotional healing. It's been a tough three months but I was able to go through it because of You. Thank You also for Bianca, Doree, Brandon, Brayden, Carole, Bobby, Mike, Anna, and everybody else that You have brought to help during my healing and help with finances. Thank You!  I love You. 

Jim from Miller Lake, OR

As I walked 17 miles for fitness I gave You a gift of prayer. Thank You. Praise the Lord.

Lord Jesus, You walk with me and guide me. Thank You for the many blessings You bestow on me. Please accept all gifts I place on the altar, as they come from my heart.

Praise God for He leads us down the righteous path of life everlasting. Thank You, Lord for our daily blessings which we sometimes take for granted. Live in the life of God. Dear Jesus, Keep me in good favor with our Lord. Walk with me and be by my side.

Aileen from Imus, Philippines

Thank You Lord, God for answering my prayers. You are truly a faithful Father.

Aedos from New Zealand

Thank You, God for all the blessings. May You bless the kind people around me and thank You for protecting my family.

Mine from Arizona

Most forgiving Father, accept my humble praise and thanks for all You do for me. I give You little in return and You always love me more. You are the most high. Please accept my gratitude and help me do more for You.

Barbara from Florida

I thank You, God for the many miracles You blessed me with today. Thank You for my son, Jason who prayed with me. Thank You for this sweet Maria who also prayed with us. And thank You for Pastor Francois who placed his hands on me asked You to help me. Thank You for the church that led me to this moment.

Thank You, God for not giving up on me. Thank You for the grace that forgives my many sins that I felt were unforgivable. I thank You for the breathe in my husband's lungs and the physical healing of his heart. I thank you for this feeling of certainty that no matter what happens on this Earth, You are with me and in control and things will be okay. I thank You for this peace and calm that amazes me. Thank You for this love that fills me so much I feel I can't hold it all inside me. I feel so protected and I am so amazed. God, I know You have me in Your arms and I don't feel I have to hold onto this fear. I am so thankful that You love me. I am amazed by this love. I love You and I pray that You will stay with me and help me if those negative thoughts try to come back.

Cmhae from Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Thank You God for this wonderful day!

Geetha from Gauteng, South Africa

Lord, I just want to thank You Lord for Your blessings and this wonderful opportunity You have given me in my career. I pray for Your hand of protection over me. Lord, guide me and help me do the best I can do to be a success. I am so grateful for Your work in my life. Let every decision I make and step I take be pleasing to You and according to Your Word. I love You, Jesus!

Rica Mae from the Philippines

Thank You, God for not giving up on me! I love You so much. Help me to love like You do!
Lord, I thought I failed my math class, but indeed You are good! Thank You, Lord! Help me to excel more in my classes so that I will be able to tell the whole world that I am Your daughter without hesitation. Because You are an excellent God and as a Christian, they must see You in me. In the mighty name of Jesus, Amen.

Tng from Singapore

Thanks God and Jesus for forgiving and healing me and giving me a chance to repent. I love God and Jesus. Amen!

Susan from Washington

Dear God, I love my family and thanks for the rain.

Tracey from Johannesburg, South Africa

Thank You Lord for my marriage, my husband, and my very precious little daughters. Your blessings are so abundant in my life and I am truly grateful.

Jim from Tobermory, Ontario, Canada

Lord, Thank You for sharing Your love. It fulfils my soul, knowing that You're guiding me through my life. Our Father who art in Heaven, thank You for the many gifts You have bestowed upon me. I praise You in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen. You are the truth and the light. Thank You for keeping me on the path to righteousness. Amen.
Thank You, Lord for guiding me through very tough times. Without You my soul would be lost. I give You praise, please stay close to me. You lead me by still waters, walking through green pastures. Thanks be to God for the power and glory He has bestowed upon our land.

Rosa from Staten Island, NY

Thank You, Lord for listening/answering my prayers and sending Your holiest blessings today. Love from my family and me.

Sebastien from Singapore

Thank You, God for blessing me with an insurance company which accepted to refund my stay in rehabilitation to treat my addiction and trauma. I spent all my life's savings and You brought them back to me, and even more due to the exchange rate conversion. I am at a loss to say my gratitude. I truly have no fear about my future as I know You will take care of me.

LaVonda from Virginia

Giving honor to God and thanking Him for the daily struggles at work to push me forward to open my own business.

Lize from South Africa

My God, thank You for being my Daddy, my King, my Savior. Thank You for the lengths You went through to be with me. Jesus, thank You for Your precious blood You gave while I was still a sinner. I love You. Please give me the words to praise You.

Nervaana, Newark, NJ

Thank You, God for changing my living situation for the better, for giving me a home for myself, my husband, and kids to live together in. I am also thankful that You removed all my health problems
especially allowing me to have two beautiful daughters which I always wanted. Thank You, God for giving me a stable job so that I can help pay the bills in my home. Thank You, God for forgiving me of things I have said and done. Thank You, God for helping me to be a better person. Thank You, God for always providing for me and my family. Thank You, God for the loving times between me and my husband. Thank You, God for the happy times we get to enjoy together. Thank You, God for all the people who constantly help and support me. Thank You, God for the strength You give me to carry on. Thank You, God for giving me peace. Thank You, God for those moments of happiness You give to me, my husband, and kids to enjoy together. Thank You, God for Your love and blessings.

Kirk from Vancouver WA

Dear Jesus, I love You for all You've done for me. I love You because You loved me first, so much that You suffered and died for me. Even now Your love changes my heart and turns me from my sins. You have loved me freely and taught me how to love, and taught me gratitude and humility. I thank the Most High God the Father for loving us all so much that He gave You to us. We are a blessed and loved people. I owe all to You, You are all to me. Thank You and may we all praise Your holy name forever.

Shawn from Pittsburgh, PA

Thank You, God for my healing of cancer and making my crooked paths straight. I believe and I receive!

Tammy from the United States

Jesus, Thank You for everything You've done for me and in me and through me. Lord, You are the great I am. Nobody or nothing is greater than You. Thank You for Your love and for being my Savior and oh mighty God, thank You for being my friend.

Christine from Pleasant Hill, CA

Lord God, Thank You for saving me. Thanks for the chance to be a better example for both my kids. Thank You for bringing my daughter home and filling her with your Spirit and Your love! You have blessed me for a lifetime. Thank You now for eyes so that I may see Your blessing. Thanks for my beautiful son who has a wonderful spirit. I can only thank You for Your gift, life through Your son Jesus. I love you Lord! I can only pray for our eyes to be open and our ears to hear what Your will is and for the courage to take a leap into faith rather then fear. In Your Son's name Jesus, Amen. I could not do this thing called life without Your help.

Tim from Illinois

Lord Jesus, Son of God, Forever grateful for Your love. Have mercy on us sinners.

Cynthia from Malaysia

Do I still need to give praise? My young mother died in an accident when I was 8-years-old, that happened 41 years ago. I questioned God back then why He took my mother away and left me here alone. Back then I didn't know this God. But I know now, God has been protecting me all these long
years. Therefore, I choose and will give Him praises every day.

Jim from London, Ontario Canada

Jesus walks with me through my life here on Earth and guides me to the gates of Your Heavenly Father. I give You praise as always. As Your humble servant, I thank You for the bounty You have blessed me with, and Your patience with me through my troubled time. Keep me in Your favor.

Jesus walks with me through troubled times. Why my doctor prayed with me, is a mystery. I don't understand, but accept as healing from the highest. Lord, hear our prayers. Amen.

Victoria from the United States

May I praise the Lord that He may help me to keep the 10 commandments in my life. Thanks to the Lord for showing me the way to infinite happiness and may I speak of His comfort and life everlasting.

John from Barrie, Ontario, Canada

Thank You God for the healing You gave me through my Christian doctor. I have been sick for several years, praying everyday for a healing and my prayers have been answered. I'm Your servant forever.

Loretta from Atlanta, GA

Father, Thank You for my new job that is closer to home! I asked in faith and You have provided. I know that I am equipped to handle all of the responsibilities, and have been anointed with the power to walk in love. I also thank You for allowing us to pay for our son's college tuition. He is a great man of God and will serve You, the one true God.

Ric from the Philippines

Thank You, Lord for being with me during this time. Step by step, I can see the answer to my prayers. Guide me until I cross the finish line. I love You and continue to protect my family. I trust in You always.

Sudsy from Little Rock, AK

I'm holding to the Lord with all His blessings and He is watching over me. I cannot thank and praise Him enough. I'm so lucky to have Him walk with me and guide me. Praise Him. I love Thee, Lord Jesus. Thank You. Thank You.

Maxwell from Maryland

I just want to thank God for saving my wife and daughter, who were involved in a car accident this evening. Without His blessing and protection it would have been really bad for them.

Nat from London, England

Thank You God for blessing me so much in the space of one week! He is literally so good. Thank you for the new job! I will glorify You in everything I do!

Robin from Winnipeg, Canada

Thank You, Lord that Your mercies are new every morning! Thank You for the gift of my family oh Lord! You have answered every prayer with Your loving kindness. Thank You for healing, for vision, and for a sound mind. Thank You for wonderful partners for my children. I give You praise that You have the upcoming court situation with my son fully in Your control. Thank You for giving the judge wisdom in discerning the truth and in her final decision regarding protection for my grandchildren. Help my son to see You Lord and to recognize that You are always with him and that You will never forsake him. In the name of Your precious Son, our Yeshua Hamashiach I pray, giving You all the glory. Amen. 

Sharon from Massachusetts

Thank You, Lord for Your strength and guidance and for helping my sons in their battle against drug addiction. I am thankful dear Lord for answering my prayers to get my son in the Salvation Army sober living program today.

Joselle from Germantown, MD

Thank You Lord, my family is safe! We praise You and give You thanks for keeping us in the mantle of Your protection. Please let my husband continue to recover from the physical harm that he has experienced and let my whole family recover too from the emotional distress that we had. Please send us the Holy Spirit to guide us and protect us at all times. This we ask in Your most Holy Name. Amen.

Emabet from Boston, MA

Thanks in advance and praise God for hearing my prayers. Really, it is a miracle. This week I was praying with so much burden. I prayed to God to give me peace. He blessed me with peace when I was worried. He gave me a house I did not build, a car I did not pay for, cash, and gave me a good job without an interview.

Kate from Canada

Dear God, Thanks for the little signs-I get it.

Char from Georgia

Thank You God for healing my body. I love You. You're in my heart forever. I will always praise Your holy name.

Joanne from New York

Thank You God my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior, I love You!

Rosie from California

Praising God daily for all He does and continues to do in my life. Thank You most Heavenly Father for strength, love, patience, healing, and health for family, friends, house, food, and most importantly Your love. Amen. Thank You Father for the prayers being answered.

IMR from Illinois

Thanks to the Holy Spirit for favors granted. For helping me keep my job and I know I'm not worthy of all You've given me. Oh Holy Spirit, You who make me see everything and give me the ways to reach my ideals. You who gave me the divine gift to forget the wrong that is done to me and You who are in all instances in my life with me. I want to thank You for everything and confirm once more that I never want to be separated from You no matter how great the material desires may be. I want to be with You and my loved ones in Your perpetual glory, Amen.

Danielle from Liberty Township, OH

Thank You, Jesus for my healing that is still in process. I believe that I will be healed from this anxiety. I believe that You can do everything. Thank You for my blessed life. Thank You for this opportunity to trust You more.

Pattie from FL

Dear Heavenly Father, Thank You for answering my prayer and for lifting my daughter Stephanie up to You and that my thoughts should align with Your will. May she continue to use the gifts and talents God has bestowed upon her to play and win like a champion. May she possess and exude grace, humility, and kindness. May she continue to succeed on her path with You walking alongside her. I thank You for all Your love and guidance and for knowing my daughter, Stephanie that she is serving with love and praise.

Jim from Texas

Thank You, Father for giving me a new life. I treasure my past life and look forward to the new life ahead of me. In my most fearful hour You never waivered and always held my hand. I ponder the beauty of sub atomic particles, but cannot fathom the love that binds You to me-that binds me to everyone else. Thank You for my new life.

Robert from FL

Thank You Lord for taking everything away from me. The Lord loves me so much that instead of letting me continue my destructive ways He stepped in to correct me and I thank You so much Lord, for giving me a chance to become a better man and possibly save my marriage and family. God is good.

Nico from CT

Thank You Lord Jesus Christ for using me for Your vessel to bring guiding and true words to those whom you choose for me to interact with by Your will. Thank You and I love You always.

Amanda from Cape Town, South Africa

Lord, You are wonderful indeed. Words can never describe Your Majesty. You hold me in the palm of Your Hand. I praise You.

You are the God of salvation! Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. God, I thank You that Your believers will see salvation overflowing in our families this year. I thank You that You are the God who provides rain, like You did when Elijah asked.You will send down rain in South Africa and fill our dams Lord.We praise You for Your goodness. We praise You for Your grace. We praise You for Your mercy and compassion, ever loving Father. You are my everything, Jesus, my all in all.

Heavenly Father, You are the God of victory, the God of righteousness, the God who made everything. You speak and it is done. I praise You, O God my King. You are El Shaddai, Adonai, the Great I AM. This morning I heard the birds sing Your praises. I see the sun rising because of You. I see a day of opportunities, a day to start over, because of You my King. If we refuse to praise You the stones will rise up and do so. No stone will do my job for me, in Jesus' name. I bless Your name, Lord. Thank You for Jesus. God of Heaven and Earth, I love You!

Precious from Harare, Zimbabwe

Praise God. I want to praise God for He has been good to me and my family. I was sick for two years and had nerve pain in my legs. I had totally lost my hearing in both ears for two years and doctors never knew what it was. But now I can testify that I have seen God and His son Jesus alive. I regained my hearing in both my ears. And I am now very healthy and my health is restored totally. Thank You, God. I don't feel any pain any longer. What He has done for me, He can do for you as well. Hallelujah. Praise the Lord. Amen.

Gary from NC

Father Lord Jesus, I am grateful for what You have given me. Thank You for my wife, remission of cancer, and thank You for our soldiers. God bless all that serve. Thank You, Lord for being faithful to us. Thank You for bringing my father to You. Lord, I pray for all those that have written here bless them and answer all their prayers.You know their hearts and needs.

Jen from New Jersey

Thank You, God for my beautiful children and bless the beautiful babies that no one is looking out for.

Kwamina from Australia

Abba Father, Thank You for granting me a scholarship and bringing me to a successful end of my PhD program. There is non like You for Your love and mercy endures forever. Take all the glory, Father. In the name of my Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

Ron from Knoxville, TN

I just needed to say thank You to the Lord my God, thank You for love, thank You for changing my mind when it needs it, thank You when I needlessly worry and somehow You remind me to say thank You.

J from Mexico

Thank You God and all who have prayed for me. Thank you with all my heart.

Rodney from Hagerstown, MD

Praise and glory to You Lord in the highest regards for giving me the opportunity to provide for my wife. Thank You Heavenly Father. We have the apartment. It may not be much to others but it's everything to us. To You I give praise in the highest.

Airen from the Philippines

Thank You God for hearing my prayer! I couldn't be any happier right now.

Chinnu from Canada

Thank and praise God for hearing my prayers. Really it is a miracle. This afternoon I was in church with so much burden. I prayed to God to give me peace. He blessed me with peace when I was worried.

Pijush from New Delhi, India

Thanks a ton God for taking care of my son. With Your choicest blessings he is getting admitted to a good school. Love You, God.

Adepoju from Nigeria

I come to You in worship as Your humble servant and I thank You Father for loving and forgiving me. Your mercy is miraculous and ever enduring! Everyday I am in awe of Your ways. You are more than able and I can testify to the many ways You have showered me and my family in Your love, grace, and, protection daily. You are worthy of all praises. You know the desires of my heart and what's best for me. You ensure that my every need is met so I trust You Jesus and I'm still leaning on Your Word. Thank You for Your peace and healing. Bless those who love and desire more of You, God. Amen.

Sandra from South Carolina

Praise the Almighty Father from on high! Glory to You for giving me life, strength, and a healthy family. My health has been improving and I thank Him for that. Thank You for being so protective, loving, and giving to Your people. Hallelujah! Let's continue to post because when I'm just feeling down and read a praise report it gives me more hope.

Donna from Florida

Thank You, God. The financial prayers are being answered incredibly quickly! I am in shock.

Mary from Santa Clara, CA

Lord, I thank You so much for hearing my prayer. I love You and adore You always and forever! 


Thank You, Lord for protecting and restoring my family. Thank You for the gift of grace and salvation.

Carmen from Bradenton, FL

Thank You, Lord Father for protection of my granddaughter Mariah and Keyla in a bad accident last night.on their on way back to college. I love You, Lord.

Lekala from South Africa

Thank You, Lord for the gift of sleep and dreams that bring me back to reality in the moments I give up.

Bill from Virginia Beach, VA

Thank You, Father God for my many blessings. I am a child of the most high God, thank You!

Vivek from Mangalore, India

Thank You, God for saving my life today. Praise God I survived the accident with just a few minor bruises.

Darla from Greeley, CO

Thank You, God for the blessing to be able to bless others with my growth and strength that is attracting the poor in spirit.

Ed from North Carolina

Thank You, God. It was a long five months, but You finally brought me to a well paying job that fits my skill set. You have given me back the ability to provide for my family. Thank You.

Melanie from Maryland

Thank You, God for all the blessings and miracles that You give us each day! I know that each day will be better than the one before.

Michelle from Houston, TX

Thank You, Lord Jesus for my life, my kids, and for watching over and blessing us each day.

Jordan from Baltimore, MD

Thank You, God for the new job I received. I'm finally moving on in my life and I just wanna say thank You for what You did for me.

Terry from Kyle, TX

Jesus saved my son in a car wreck. The car was totaled and all he got was some small cuts.

Glenn from Niagara Falls, NY

Thank You, Lord for giving me enough to give. I struggle with bills like everyone else, but You've given me every opportunity I've prayed for to provide for others when they are in need. Thank You for the strength to work as hard as I do, and for the career that lets me serve You through its benefits. Praise You! I'll continue to work and serve through Your strength.
Thank You Jesus for answering my prayers. I love You! Love, Joanne

Brian from Pennsylvania

Thank You God for all that we have. Please continue to bless me and my wife, especially in her time of need facing a health situation. I thank You, oh Lord. Amen.

Victoria from the United States

Dear God, Please bring peace to this world. Please show what life can be when following Your Word. Have mercy on those who have gone astray, mislead, and turned completely away from You. You are the one true God. Put in everyone's conscience a feeling of obedience and peace. I beg this in the name of Your Son, Jesus Christ. I thank You deeply for hearing me.

God in Heaven, thank You for everything that You have done for me. Some came easy, some very hard. I did not question why, I just knew You were in charge and I was not to question You. Help me to praise You in everything I say or do.I will keep You close to my heart and try to keep my tongue and thoughts held in Your hands. In Your hands I seek to find You in everything.

Wanda from Port Hueneme, CA

Lord, Thank You for the blessing I cannot see. I know You provide and I do believe the kids and I will be in a place soon. I have faith. At least we have a roof. We get cramped sometimes but that's the time our faith really comes in. Thank You, Father. I love You, always Your daughter, Wanda

Judy from New Jersey

Thank You, God, for helping me with my sickness today. I am getting better because of  Your healing power and strength bestowed on me. And thank You for being You, Lord and Savior!

Nevar from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

I would like to thank You Lord for making me realize l was not complete without You. Thank You for the many graces that You poured in my life in 2015. You remembered me when I thought my life was becoming unbearable. You lifted me from the dungeons of despair to the heights of hope. Today I can stand in front of Your people and confess to Your greatness and kindness. Please remember those people who find themselves in a situation like l was and lift them up, up, and up, until they confess with their mouths to Your greatness. Let Your name be exalted among countries the world over. I will remain Your faithful servant my Lord. Praise be to Your name, Your son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

Ann from Canada

Thank You Lord for giving me all the blessings in my life and for the new job. You always hold us in Your palm and keep us safe.

Joseph from California

Thank You for letting me pass biochemistry. Thank You Heavenly Father for the money You gave me through my parents. Amen.

Ateda from Nigeria

My Lord and my God, I worship Your throne. I come to declare to the world how faithful You remain despite my unfaithfulness. I praise You Father, Son, and Holy Ghost for traveling internationally without
visas. It can only be You.

Rebecca from South Africa

I woke up with a song in my heart. Lord, Thank You for being a gracious Father in my life. Thank You for my husband, my children, and all the people You bring to my life for my divine purpose. I praise You my Father for being my Alpha and Omega. This is the day You have made and I will rejoice in it!

Sonu from India

Oh my Lord, Thank You for giving me all the blessings in my life. You have given me over and over. You
always hold us in Your palm and keep us safe. Thank You so much, Your loving child, Sonu

Alicia from New York

My Lord, my God. Thank You for all Your blessings, Your miracles, Your sacrifice for us, and Your love. I love You, my heart and soul belong to You.

Amy from Daytona Beach, FL

I want to thank Jesus for watching over my son today. He was in a motorcycle accident due to someone cutting him off. His bike was totaled and he's sore with some superficial injuries, but he's okay, thanks be to God!

Denise from the United States

Thank You Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ for providing for me and for Your many blessings that You give to me and my children. Lord, I am forever grateful and appreciative for it all. I forever love You and need You in my life. Your child, Denise.

Olivia from London, United Kingdom

Thank You God for Your abundant blessings. You have always been there for me through times of hardship and times of joy. I know You are always with me and I never feel alone. At present I lost my job but gained a loving fiancé, roof over my head, and I'm expecting a baby. All this in a space of a year. Please use me to be a positive impact in the life of others and the strength to stay positive in times of hardship. Thank You, God for Your protection, love, guidance and endless love.

Eugene from South Africa

Thank You dear Lord for all the blessings You have bestowed upon me and my family. I see Your greatness all around me, every day. Thank You for the forgiveness You gave me through Jesus Christ. Words can never truly say how much I appreciate and love You as my God.

Belinda from Dexter, Missouri

I praise God, my Heavenly Father for all blessings. I thank Him for always loving me. I praise Him for all His sacrifices He made for all of us. How can You truly thank Him? Try your best to let Jesus live through you every day.

I can never thank Him or praise Him enough. I truly love You dearest Lord. I give all praise to my wonderful God and Father. He alone is worthy to be praised. Thank You for Your gift of salvation and for Your perfect sacrifice. I love You truly.

George from Canada

Thank You Almighty Father God for the blessings You have given me.

Ericka from Chicago, IL

Have to thank and praise my heavenly Father for being quick to answer my prayers and always saving my heart! Thank You Father for hearing me and allowing a job interview to quickly come my way. You are attentive to me. I love and thank You. Amen!

Debbie from Dodge City, Kansas

Thank You so much dear Lord for Your mercies that are new every single morning. Thank You for Your faithfulness during tough times and that Your great love brings peace. I love You dearly.

Julie from England

Father God, I thank You that You have proven Yourself to be faithful to me. I am thankful You have done what I thought was impossible. I love You and worship You with all I am. All the glory , honour, and praise to You my faithful God. In Jesus' name I pray.

Julin from Denmark

Thank You God for my wife and my three lovely children.

Nat from the United States

Thank You God for believing in me when I didn't believe in myself. Thank You for the blessing of a new job after being unemployed for so long. Thank You for giving me another chance. Please continue to look over me as I start this new chapter.

Justin Robert from Edmonds, WA

Thank You Lord for Your ongoing presence. You have never left my side through everything I have been through. Your constant guide helps me to push on in day to day life. I know You will always protect my family and me no matter what and I am very gratetful for all blessings we have received. You never leave my mind and heart. Thanks so much, Jesus.

Ufuoma from California

I love You, Lord. Thank You for loving me and my family. Regardless of my sin, You love me, fight my battles, provide for me and mine. Great is Your mercy and faithfulness. I'm in awe of You! All my worship and praise to You great Jehovah. Your child Ufuoma.

Kate from New Hampshire

Thank You, God for taking away this tinnitus from me for these past three days. Thank You for hearing my prayer.

Adella from Modesto, CA

Praise You forevermore Yashua! Yashua Hamashia. You are my all in all.. My calm in the storm. My refuge. Thank You for resolving my stress issues and work troubles. You are always on time. May Your Holy Spirit fill me up and let me shine for You. Amen.

Donny from San Franisco, CA

Thank You, Lord for saving me and my father! Thank You for giving me strength to make it through my difficult times. Please shine Your light on my path and teach me Your way everyday. Thank You Lord. In
Jesus' name I pray, Amen.

Marianne from Ohio

Thank You, Jesus for making my surgery successful and making me cancer free now and always. Thank You for my beautiful children, the love of my life, family, and friends. Thank You for holding me in the palm of Your hand. May Yours be the power and glory and honor forever and ever, Amen.

Tom from Fairfield, CA

I wanna thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for healing my mother and giving me a good job.Thank You, Lord.

Selene from San Francisco, CA

I want to thank God for always being with me, for always giving me that feeling that everything will be okay. For giving me the ability to have faith in my life and in myself and in others. With God I feel complete and it brings me comfort and happiness. I know God will always give me blessings, thank You so much.

Padma from India

Thank You Jesus for Your unconditional love. I thank You God Almighty for Your plan through Jesus Christ to sinners like me. Thank You for this life. Thank You for choosing my gentile family. Thank You for the gift of salvation.

Reigne from Paranaque, Philippines

Father, Thank You for everything. Thank You for Your unending graces, limitless mercy, and great love for us. Thank You for blessing us with a simple and beautiful life. Thank You for my loving family. Thank You for blessing me with a wonderful husband, a very responsible, great leader to our family, a good provider, and loving father to our children. Thank You for blessing me and my family with perfect health, wisdom, and courage to do what we must do and understanding to accept things we cannot change through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Rita from Quail Valley, TX

Praising the Lord for guiding hands for nurses and surgeons, healing and recovery mercies for my husband. Back surgery was an awesome success. The staff and physicians are the best, professionally and emotionally.

Diane Marie from Lewes, Delaware

Thank You God for all our blessings. "With God all things are possible." (Matthew 19:26 NIV) I believe in Jesus' name for miracles, Amen. Thank You dear God for all my blessings everyday. In Jesus' name, Amen. I praise You, Lord and thank You always.

Lee from New Zealand

Loving Lord, how You must look down on us all in despair. Your teachings are so simple and yet, we fail You daily in thoughts and actions and I can only but think You must wonder if anyone is listening? Yes, Lord I am listening and I give thanks for Your forgiveness and unconditional love. How uplifting to read the posts of praise from so many throughout the world to know the Lord I know is universal and unites us all. Praise the Lord. The Lord is good!

Nikita from South Africa

Thank You for loving us both so much. You are my Alpha and Omega. Thank You that Your grace is sufficient for us. Lord, I accept You as my savior. I love You, Lord.

Nahid from Irvine, CA

Thank You God for giving me a beautiful house in California and thank You for my family, my husband, and my kids, who are healthy, smart, and grateful. Thank You for my friends and church that is full of joy, friendship, and praise. Thank You for answering my prayers everyday. Thank You and I love You.

Leonardo from Malta

Thank You, God. Thank You for the answer You gave me. I am very happy now. 

Veronica from South Africa

Oh, my Jesus, my creator, my savior, Today I give You praise and honor. I worship You in the highest. Thank You for opening doors for me and my children. Thank You for granting each one a wonderful work. I thank You for choosing me to be their mother. Thank You for guiding me in rearing them and molding them into responsible young men, without Your grace it would never be possible. You are my Jehovah-Jireh. You are Jehovah Rapha, the Lord who makes bitter things sweet.

Sherri from San Jose, CA

Lord, May Your truth outshine all shadows in darkness that seek to destroy Your children. Amen.

Rochelle from Wisconsin

I want to thank and praise God for being with me and my children in my loneliest hour. I got fired, diagnosed with Alopecia hair loss, and the problems kept hitting me. I prayed, kept my faith and God has
blessed me with a new job, insurance, and everything I need. My hair will return too. I trust God with all my heart. He saved us from eviction and poverty. He is my everything.

Dandona from Canada

I just want to thank God for 23 years at my work. For giving me this job to provide for my family, a roof over my head, and food on my table. Without Christ I would be nothing. All praises and thanks go to my Father God above. I love God so much. Please forgive me and I will always lift up Your name. It's worthy to be praised above all. God is awesome.

God's timing is not our timing. Thanking God for waking me up this morning and for supporting family and friends during my challenges. My God is awesome.

Thank You, Lord for keeping my family safe and alive and for my daughter's platelets increasing. Praise be to God and thanks for all the prayers. Just continue praying as I do the same. God is awesome.

Maria from Spain

Thank You God for always being there. I need You now more than ever. Please let everything work out. Thank You God for coming into my life, for being by my side, for listening to me, and for making our dreams come true. I love You, God with all my heart and soul. I am truly grateful.

Alinane from South Africa

I thank God for my husband's new job. If God is with us who can be against us? I know that from today forward all things are happening in our favour because God has said yes. Things will be different in Jesus' mighty name and I want to thank You, Lord for answering our prayer.

Jen from Malaysia

Thank You Jesus for changing my brother's life. I put my trust in You and I know You are working the miracles in his life at this moment onward.

Truman from Bullhead City, Arizona

Thank You God for answering my prayers and helping me find a wonderful job in time of need. I love my job and everyone I come in contact with. Without You I would be lost but I'm not because of You. Lord, thank You for saving my life literally and emotionally, giving me a new job and putting all the wonderful people in my life. Thank You!

Kimi from Al Nahda, United Arab Emirates

Thank You, Heavenly Father for another beautiful day and also for Your blessings.We thank You for the breath of life and for always leading us through sunshine and rain. We are forever thankful for Your never ending love and we also thank You for always loving us even we've failed You and disappointed You so many times. We honour and praise You for ever more. Amen.

Melissa from Osceola, AK

Lord, I thank You for all Your many blessings. Thank You, Lord for Your forgiveness and unfailing love. Lord, I thank You for always providing for me and my family despite my short comings, but most of all I thank You for Your Son, Jesus who I know loves me more than I can imagine. Lord, I love You and please continue to lead and guide me and my family to You.

Virginia from California

Lord, I want to thank You for Your gift to us all. You blessed me with 20 years with my daughter Evie Kathleen and for the force You gave her to help others.  
Thank You for my parents who were so selfless and loving to so many. You blessed us with birds, dogs, and people while on Earth. Give me the strength and the power to do what I need to for
You. Guide me and allow me to do what You want. I thank You for what I have been through and what I will go through. I have faith, Lord I really do but I sure could use a hug from Evie and my parents. 

Irene from Bellflower, CA

God, I want to thank You for my family and friends and for who I am and what You have given me for each night and day of my life. Amen.

Katie from Georgia

Father God, I thank You for being a loving Father who cares for Your children. I thank You for so loving the world that You sent Your Son Jesus to die for the world. I thank You for having made provision for every person before the foundation of the world. Thank You for the power of Your Word that You spoke everything into existence. Eternal God, I want to thank You for salvation/eternal life for all who receive Your Son through the power of the Holy Spirit!

Donna from Ohio

Dear Lord, I come before You to give You thanks and praise You for Your glory. Thank You for answered prayer. Thank You for everything that You have ever given me for it is good. Lord, how could I ever
appropriately praise You for everything good that You have done for me? I can't and that is why You died on the cross for me so that we may have everlasting life with You! Thank You, Lord for loving me, and blessing me with the three children that You have given me, and the four, soon to be five precious grandchildren that You have blessed me with!

Romana from Canada

My darling, one and only living God Jesus Christ, I thank You uncountable times. You, the almighty God took the human form to come to Earth to die for my sins, and is alive today. I love You. Thanks for choosing me, even before I was formed in my mother's womb You have been doing numerous miracles, wonders that the human brain can't understand. Your grace is never ending. You have been doing everything that You promised. You are my father, mother, love of all. When all the human's love fail, Your love never failed, my Jesus. Amen. Hallelujah!

David from New York

Without You I am totally lost. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

Janet from Malaysia

Thank You, Jesus for being with my brother in times of trouble. Thank You God with all my heart. You have healed him completely. You have saved my entire family today.

Richie from New Jersey

Lord, I thank You for always being there in times of trouble. For always having your Holy Spirit there to see me through all the difficult times, for family and friends who believe and trust in the power of prayer and for You in answering those prayers. Without You I don't know where my path would have led me. But with You in my life I feel safe and secure in all I do. Thank You for loving me more than I love You!

Willette from Bahamas

Thanks and praise to the true and living God Jesus Christ our Redeemer and friend Savior Lord and King. We bless You O great King of all things who made Heaven and Earth. Thank You for all the victories that You have won.We are conquers through You. Thank You.

Susanna from the United States

Dear Lord, I have had much strife in my life, but I want to thank You for all the good things You have given me and for all the prayers You have answered. They have helped to make my rocky road so much easier to endure. Please continue to answer the prayers of those who seek Your help and also help those who do not seek You so that someday they will believe!

Christopher from the United Kingdom

Dear God, I just want to express my gratitude for all the wonderful things in my life. I am truly grateful to be blessed to know You, to love You, and to receive Your gifts in all of their forms every day. Life is truly wonderful. I count my blessings every day. Thank You, thank You, thank You.

Ruth from Edinburgh, Scotland

Thank You Lord for my son! Don't know how to say thank You enough or at all. Will You hear this? Am I just typing? Can You feel my gratefulness? You know my heart, Lord. My baby boy asleep in my arms is a gift from You for which I am trying to express my delight, wonder, and gratefulness. Amen.

Jackie from Savannah, GA

Thank You, Lord for all my many blessing, both big and small! I never stop being amazed at how my prayers often get answered before I even ask. I am so grateful, even when I am struggling and being tested. Thank You for Your love and grace.

Chip from Navarre, FL

Thank You, Jesus for dying for my sins and everybody's sins. I thank You for giving me my new house, even though the way I live I don't deserve anything. Thank You Jesus and I love You.

Chris from Lubbock,TX

Thank You, Lord for my wife and me paying off our house. We struggled through good and bad times but You have seen us through this. I.also give thanks to my brother and sister-in-law for helping us when we first bought the house so we wouldn't be homeless. Thanks.

Deepika from India

Thank You, God for everything good that has happened to me. I've done extremely well in my exams by Your grace.

Brian from Pensacola, FL

Thanks be to God. Thank You for sending Your one and only Son, Jesus Christ, as a sacrifice for my sins. For in my flesh a sinner, I was not worthy of forgiveness, but You're a merciful God. Keep my family and children safe, let us bring honor to Your name, and help to form the body of Christ. It is in Jesus' name l pray, Amen. Thank You, Jesus. Renew my strength and faith daily.

Chris from Northern Ireland

My Holy Father, My soul cries out to You. I thank You for remembering my name. In this crazy, difficult, stressful and grief stricken year, You gave enough grace and it's not over yet. I have no idea what tomorrow will bring, I cannot trust in myself, I am less worthy now than when I first believed, praise God it is by grace through faith that we are saved or I would have no hope. Praise God for His great mercy!

Lord, Father You know I am in the midst of troubles and can see no human way out, I have tried everything, every natural human way to fix these things but to no avail, You know those that depend on me and how their lives will be affected if I fail. So now, in advance of Your deliverance I praise You, I thank You, I glorify Your name, and sing to the honour of Your glory. I rejoice in the hope of my saviour and praise Your holy name. I am nothing and You are everything, praise You, praise You, praise You. The enemy is closing in and the sea has yet to part but I await my God. In Jesus' name I praise Thee, thank Thee, and ask for Thy continued help, O Lord my strength and my redeemer.

Acy from Singapore

Dear God, Thank You for sending me the best gift in my life, my daughter Karisse to me. Though she came into this world earlier by two months and undergone hernia surgery. I am thankful to You for blessing her wtth a smooth surgery and thou a preemie, she is healthy. Thank You for helping me to go through the tough times and I truly believe in You. Thank You, God. Please bless my family to be in good health and safety, that is all we need.

Linke from United Kingdom

I'm sorry I'm not always good. I'm glad You're often looking out for me. Look after my baby boy when/if I'm not here please.

Jocel from Singapore

God is real! Your family is forever thankful for all the blessings You've been showering us. You deserve all the praise.

Amanda from Greeneville, TN

Thank You God for letting me wake up up this morning. Just please forgive me for my shortcomings and help me to find You more and more in all the thing I do. Thank You Lord and please help me to find peace of mind and clarity for my soul and happiness within. In the Lord Jesus Christ's name, I pray, Amen!

Jeannie from Georgia

Thank You God for saving me and blessing me even though I was a lowly sinner (many sins). You were with me through all my trials and tribulations. I thank You, thank You, thank You. You have been my only friend and family that has accepted me unconditionally and stood by me even at my very worse. I am Your steadfast servant. Oh Lord, I believe that Jesus is Your son and I thank You Jesus that You died for me. I fervently ask Jesus to come into my heart and wash me clean, please stay with me and my family forever.

Keith from New Orleans, LA

Thank You God for healing myself, my wife, and my son. By Your stripes we are healed. I have come to realize that I must surrender fully to You with everything in life. My God, You are truly my strong tower. I love You, Jesus.

Terry from Minnesota

Dear Lord, I, am a dishonest, unfaithful sinner. I fell to the temptations of the flesh and became infected with addiction and disease. I prayed for healing and grace around the clock. I was lonely,d depressed, hopeless, and wanted all things to end. You, my Lord, had mercy on me. You have healed me from this infection. Please forgive me of my sins and restore my soul. Please help me to overcome this addiction and not harm others. I pray for strength and freedom!

John from Knoxville, TN

Thank You, God for everything You do to teach me forgiveness and how to find peace!

Johanna from Saugerties, NY

Dear Lord, Thank You for being by my side, carrying me through the times I was overwhelmed and couldn't do it on my own. Dear God our Father, please show us favor for money. In Jesus' name, Amen.

Ruthie from Baton Rouge, LA

Heavenly Father, I come in the name of Jesus Christ, giving You thanks for all that You have allowed to occur in our lives, so that we may become closer to You, thank You for Your favor of which we are not worthy. We praise You for all that You have done and for our future blessings. We thank You, thank You, thank You. 

Greg from Okeechobee, FL

Father in Heaven, I thank You for Your blessings of which I deserve none. Thank You for Your Son who paid my debt in full. Forgive me for my selfishness. I ask for strength and renewal in these days to come.

Noma from Cape Town, South Africa

Dear God, I thank You for Your mercies and never-ending love and never-changing promises. You have healed my body and spirit and I'm grateful for Your love.

Deli from Bangalore, India

I thank the Lord for bringing my son back to his normal state. He was acting weird after being affected with dengue, fever, and depression. We were worried but we kept faith in the Lord and prayed for him and the Lord heard our prayers. Now he is well and active. I praise the Lord. I thank Him for His blessings and healing showered on us. I also ask pardon and forgiveness for the delay in posting this praise.

Sanjeeva from Colombo, Sri Lanka

Thank You, Lord for beginning to unwind all the troubles and challenges in my businesses. I thank You most gratefully as I am nothing, helpless and unable to unravel those on my own. Since I know that nothing is impossible for You, and that You will always favor me with Your grace, love, and wisdom. Thank You for showing me results so quickly with the least amount of heartburn. Lord, Please release me from all burdens of my business and to have peace of mind. Bless my wife and my children whom I love most dearly. I pledge myself and my family to be a family of Yours and worship You and to be apart of building Your kingdom on Earth.  I thank You, Lord for all You have given me and for Your blessings and grace.

Kelly from Texas

Thank You, God for giving me the strength to have faith that You would open a door for me in a position that I can do the most.

Xin from Singapore

Thank You, God for all the blessings in my life. Most importantly, thank You for bringing me back to You.Thank You for giving me the opportunity to get to know You since I was young. Thank You for giving me good mentors to guide me spiritually. Thank You for all the things that You have done in my life.

Kirsty from London, England

Thank You for guiding me. Thank You for listening when I call. Thank You for reassuring me that I can put my trust in You. Thank You for knowing what is best for me. Thank You for keeping me strong in times of uncertainty. Even when I have failed myself, You have been there, You've never let me down.

Ron from Illinois

Thank You Lord for helping me get a friend to the ER in time before something bad happened. It was a very close call and I am forever grateful to You.

Emily from Long Island, NY

Thank You for sending a job my mother's way after six years of unemployment. Thank You for listening to my prayers.

IMD from Harvey, LA

Thank You God for hearing my prayers and blessing me with a new reliable vehicle.

Helen from the United Kingdom

I want to praise God for hearing my prayers! His blessings have overwhelmed me! Thank You, Jesus from the bottom of my heart.

Peter from the United States

Dear God, I thank and praise You for never leaving me nor forsaking me. I thank and praise You for always seeing our needs and providing. I thank and praise You for keeping my family and me safe. I thank You for healing us and removing all pains, Oh Lord. Bless Your Holy name, Oh Lord. I worship You in the blessed name of Yeshua. You are worthy O Lord and You are good! Thank You
for rebuking evil and delivering my family and me from the wicked kingdom of darkness into Your kingdom of glorious light. In Jesus' name.

I thank and praise God for blessing my Christian business and ministry. I thank and praise God for saving me, for keeping me alive from the horrible car accident I was in. I thank and praise God for blessing me with the finances needed to fix the car. I thank and praise God for providing for and healing my family and me.

The major month's bills were all paid despite me working limited hours due to heart trouble! God is so God. I thank and praise His Holy name. Praise God! Hallelujah! God is awesome! How could we not praise Him! I'm thanking and praising God for His never ending blessings upon my family and I. He opens doors when things seem hopeless. He is a wonderful God and worthy to be praised.

Bless His Holy Name. I am thanking and praising God for what He has done for my family and me and for what He is about to do. I look forward to seeing His greatness each day. God has restored my elderly mother's energy and drive. She was losing her hearing and commenting that relatively short distances were too "long" for her. I thank everyone for praying for her. Her hearing has greatly improved and she's been moving and driving all over our town/county like the energizer bunny.

I thank and praise God for the healing, health, well being of my family and me. I thank and praise God for making an easy pass for me during several traffic jams. I thank and praise God for always helping and never leaving nor forsaking me. Hallelujah!

I was running down some stairs and very slippery plastic was on the stairs. I did not fall and was not hurt. God is so good! I thank and praise God because He is healing the health of my family and He provided the finances for a large repair bill! Praise God.

I have medical limitations and many internal and external concerns, yet God helps me get everything done as I have no human to assist. I thank God for His grace, mercy, provisions, protections, and help. Bless His Holy name.

I thank and praise God for helping me find the misplaced debit card and money. God is so good. I thank God for unbelievably providing for and healing me through these very difficult times.

Thanking God for answering my prayers made through prayer warriors. God is so wonderful. Thank You, Jesus! I thank and praise God that the mockingbirds removed all the hostile animals from my property so that I could landscape. God hears prayers and God is so good!

Anish from India

After a long struggle of almost two years I got a job. I thank God. I want to thank God for giving me strength to survive in these difficult times. I had to make a choice between a job based on truth and a lie, which I had told to get the job, but finally I chose truth even if it paid less. I thank God for giving me a good sense of judgement. Thank You, God. Thank You very much.

Suzanna from Chatham, NY

Dear God, Thank You God for everything. Isn't it awesome that so many are grateful? I know I sure am. Thank You, God for everything. I love You.

Sunita from Auckland, New Zealand

Thank You, Lord for being my guide and strength. Thank You for Your light that has guided my family through our darkest times. I thank You for the hardships and pain that felt so insurmountable, which helped me to realize I could face anything with faith in Your love, strength, and wisdom.

Anna from Kuwait

Thank You Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit for giving me the best gift ever for Christmas. I asked You to let my son get an interview with a company here in Kuwait and yesterday, the call came for him and today is his interview. How kind You are and generous with Your love for us. Thank You for hearing me and granting my request. I know my son doesn't go alone for the interview. You go with him and You will be with him all through and grant him a position fit for the degree he worked so hard for. Thank You Father, thank You Jesus, thank You, oh Holy Spirit. All praise and glory is Yours now and forever more. Amen.

Thank You Lord for hearing my prayer and helping my son find an apartment of his choice, one where he sees himself comfortable with his pets and with me and his friends. Thank You for opening the door and showing him the right place at the right time. You deserve all the praise and the glory. I praise You now and forever. In Jesus' name, Amen.

Don from McHenry, IL

Thank You for answering my prayers regarding business financial matters. Praise to You, Lord.

Mpho from Pretoria, South Africa

I praise and really thank God for blessing me with wisdom and strength with regards to my university marks. I left high school with moderate marks/results and I got only one distinction, so I could not get a bursary. Now at the university, I have been performing excellently academically like I have never before, even in high school. I recently received my results and I got distinctions in all my modules; and I was doing seven modules, of which in the beginning I had no clue how I was going to make it. But God told me "you are going to need more than just intellect to pass. You are going to need faith" and "I will never leave you or forsake you. Love, God."

Jenet from Malaysia

God, I thank You for choosing me as Your child. You are such an amazing God who has never, ever let me down. All my life, You have walked with me. You have given me the best of everything. Yes Lord, I realize You are here, next to me. Walk me through everything, Lord.

Eartha from Johannesburg, South Africa

Thank You Jesus for Your comfort during the hardest time of my life.

Ann from the United Kingdom

Thank You Lord, for this day You have changed my life. I was in the dark and by the power of the Holy Ghost there is light shining bright in every area of my life. My testimony will surprise my friends and shock my enemies in Jesus' mighty name. Amen!

John from Bristol, England

Thank You God for granting me a successful operation.

Marie from Lemoore, CA

Thank You Lord Jesus for hearing my prayer and cries for helping me with my grandson Fabian, for helping him get through his senior year and being able to graduate with his classmates. I love You with all my heart. Thanks again. Amen.

Meldah from Gauteng, South Africa

Dear God, I thank You, Father for Your love and Your favour. Thank You for Your protection at work, for saving my car, job, for looking after my family, looking after my bills, and for my new house. Jesus, How wonderful is Your name. Oh, Lord, You are big Jehovah. There's no one like Father Jehovah .

Denise from New Orleans, LA

I want to thank God that I have grown and am growing. I thank Him for the things He gives us and I thank Him for the things He does not give us. He knows what's best for me. I love Him and even in the midst of my pain and my tears He's still worthy and deserves the glory. Thank You, Lord for loving me, even when I didn't love myself.

Tessa from the United States

Thank You, Lord for hearing my prayers and cries and giving us our beloved Hank back. We are truly blessed to be a whole family again and thank You. May You continue to bless us and help each of us to
grow closer to You. Fill our hearts with love, patience, and kindness so we may walk the path You have chosen for each one of us. In Jesus' name I give thanks.

Mark from Springfield, ILL

2 Corinthians 1:3-4: Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves receive from God. (NIV)

THE HOLY BIBLE, NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION®, NIV® Copyright © 1973, 1978, 1984, 2011 by Biblica, Inc.™ Used by permission. All rights reserved worldwide. 

Ria from Saudi Arabia

I praise You, Lord Jesus for being my refuge, strength, and ever present. Your name is really my strong tower in which I could always run to. In my weaknesses and down times, You are always there for me to strengthen and lift me up. You are so good to me. I run out of words in praising You. You are indescribable, yet You love me just as I am. Thank You, Lord!

Evelyn from Muntinlupa, Philippines

Thank You, Lord for being with me and my family constantly. Thank You for the amazing graces. Please Lord continue showering blessings everyday and I will give back to You. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.

Elizabeth from Florida

I praise You Father for blessing me in school. I thank You Jesus. I glorify You Father for covering me, my family, friends, and the people I meet each day. I thank You, Jesus for dying on the cross for my sins. I know Lord I'm not perfect, but I thank You for Your grace for each day. You mold me into a better me. I thank You, Jesus for loving me when I didn't love or even know myself. I praise You Father for another day that You guided and ordered my footsteps. Lord, I thank You Jesus for mercy and forgiveness and grace. Hallelujah, Jesus, You are worthy of praise!

Ray from the United States

Thank You beautiful Lord and Master. I am thankful for everything I have. Thank You for the blessings and thank You for the lessons. Thank You for the love I receive. Thank You for the woman I met who changed my life. Thank You for bringing Sandra into my life. Thank You for allowing me to pray and place my petitions to You. I pray Sandra and I marry and have a beautiful life together. Thank You for my children and their health. Thank You for the amazing success I have and will continue having in life. Thank You for the new amazing opportunities which open and will continue opening for me and my love Sandra. Thank You beautiful Lord and Master. Amen, Amen, and Amen.