Jeff from Ireland

I thank God for the wonderful things that He did for me. He never turned His ears away from my prayers, never took His eyes off my struggles, even though I was very dishonest, ignorant, arrogant, and bad. I never had to wait too long to fulfill what I prayed for. I pray to Him forever to reside in my humble heart of understanding that I am nothing without Him and I am only His creation. I have nothing to be boasted of, nothing to be privileged about, nothing to pride about, but the fact that I am being greatly blessed.

The mercy and blessings that I was given, was for a purpose, a purpose of an action, which I never understood clearly. But with the constant prayers and honest actions, I am sure, He will make the way clearer for me. I love You and I need to love You more and more. It is impossible for me to feel You without You wanting me to feel You. Come, reside, and take over my life and lead my way.