Paul from New Brunswick, NJ

I thank and praise God because He restored my vision a second time. I praise God because I walked into a wall and stubbed my toe and felt nothing. And I immediately asked God to heal the toe as I'm diabetic and He did. I praise and thank God for continually healing my mother. I thank and praise God for the grace, protection, and favor He showed me concerning this recent accident.

I praise God because I was food shopping early morning (half asleep) and the Holy Spirit made sure I purchased everything I planned on buying. I was in one food aisle when the Holy Spirit said, "you need a can opener." When I looked up the can openers were right there on the shelf. Also as I approached the cashier the store announcement reminded shoppers that they could purchase postal stamps at the cashier line. I would have forgotten to get those stamps. I praise God because He has provided for me in this way and many other ways for many decades. Praise God for His faithfulness and goodness even though I don't deserve it. Praise God for His love. Hallelujah!