Sonny from Louisiana

Praise God that the doctor's records say Mom is in good health at an elderly age. Praise God that I almost severely hurt myself while working but God protected me each time. Praise God that as I repent and obey Him, my life greatly improves each day. Praise God that we serve a God who loves us and helps us have better lives in His will. Praise God because He makes ways where there are no ways. Praise God because He will never leave nor forsake those who obey Him.

I thank and praise God because I went food shopping and found many items for sale. I bought two weeks of items for a one week amount. Praise God! I thank and praise God for my improving health and favor. I thank and praise God for renewing my life.

I praise and thank God for the great deliverance He has given me. I'm now able to be responsible and help others. I thank God for His protections, healings, deliverances, and grace upon me and my family.