Neil from Canada

I just want to thank the great creator for the awesome life He has giving me. I am thankful for the friends and family that I have and also for my enemies so that I can hopefully learn to love and forgive them. Thank You for having so much patience with a sinner like me. I know that Your beautiful son died for my sins along with every one of my brothers and sisters on the planet. I would be nothing if not for You and for what You've done for me throughout my life. I feel special and loved. I hope that I can be the servant that I need to be for You before my time here is at it's end.
I will never forget what You did for me my Lord Jesus Christ and thank You so much. I am thankful for my guardian angel always watching over me and protecting me from harm. I am just grateful for the opportunities that You have giving me. You are so worthy of praise and worship now and forever. Thank You my great and awesome creator.