Peter from the United States

Dear God, I thank and praise You for never leaving me nor forsaking me. I thank and praise You for always seeing our needs and providing. I thank and praise You for keeping my family and me safe. I thank You for healing us and removing all pains, Oh Lord. Bless Your Holy name, Oh Lord. I worship You in the blessed name of Yeshua. You are worthy O Lord and You are good! Thank You
for rebuking evil and delivering my family and me from the wicked kingdom of darkness into Your kingdom of glorious light. In Jesus' name.

I thank and praise God for blessing my Christian business and ministry. I thank and praise God for saving me, for keeping me alive from the horrible car accident I was in. I thank and praise God for blessing me with the finances needed to fix the car. I thank and praise God for providing for and healing my family and me.

The major month's bills were all paid despite me working limited hours due to heart trouble! God is so God. I thank and praise His Holy name. Praise God! Hallelujah! God is awesome! How could we not praise Him! I'm thanking and praising God for His never ending blessings upon my family and I. He opens doors when things seem hopeless. He is a wonderful God and worthy to be praised.

Bless His Holy Name. I am thanking and praising God for what He has done for my family and me and for what He is about to do. I look forward to seeing His greatness each day. God has restored my elderly mother's energy and drive. She was losing her hearing and commenting that relatively short distances were too "long" for her. I thank everyone for praying for her. Her hearing has greatly improved and she's been moving and driving all over our town/county like the energizer bunny.

I thank and praise God for the healing, health, well being of my family and me. I thank and praise God for making an easy pass for me during several traffic jams. I thank and praise God for always helping and never leaving nor forsaking me. Hallelujah!

I was running down some stairs and very slippery plastic was on the stairs. I did not fall and was not hurt. God is so good! I thank and praise God because He is healing the health of my family and He provided the finances for a large repair bill! Praise God.

I have medical limitations and many internal and external concerns, yet God helps me get everything done as I have no human to assist. I thank God for His grace, mercy, provisions, protections, and help. Bless His Holy name.

I thank and praise God for helping me find the misplaced debit card and money. God is so good. I thank God for unbelievably providing for and healing me through these very difficult times.

Thanking God for answering my prayers made through prayer warriors. God is so wonderful. Thank You, Jesus! I thank and praise God that the mockingbirds removed all the hostile animals from my property so that I could landscape. God hears prayers and God is so good!