Barbara from Florida

I thank You, God for the many miracles You blessed me with today. Thank You for my son, Jason who prayed with me. Thank You for this sweet Maria who also prayed with us. And thank You for Pastor Francois who placed his hands on me asked You to help me. Thank You for the church that led me to this moment.

Thank You, God for not giving up on me. Thank You for the grace that forgives my many sins that I felt were unforgivable. I thank You for the breathe in my husband's lungs and the physical healing of his heart. I thank you for this feeling of certainty that no matter what happens on this Earth, You are with me and in control and things will be okay. I thank You for this peace and calm that amazes me. Thank You for this love that fills me so much I feel I can't hold it all inside me. I feel so protected and I am so amazed. God, I know You have me in Your arms and I don't feel I have to hold onto this fear. I am so thankful that You love me. I am amazed by this love. I love You and I pray that You will stay with me and help me if those negative thoughts try to come back.