Melissa from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

I cannot believe it. It's true. You can get healed after watching a 'Praise the Lord' TV show. I believed in the prayer and the pain from my operation that has been hurting for months literally went away. I don't know this channel. I don't know the speaker. I just believed. Thank You, Lord Jesus!
Thank You, Lord for everything You have given me. The pain, the joy, the suffering, and the rewards. I am so grateful and so lucky to have gone through all those things and still going through them because I know I am healing and growing. Thank You for always being there. I love You.

Dear Lord, Thank You for answering my prayers, especially with my finances and with my emotional healing. It's been a tough three months but I was able to go through it because of You. Thank You also for Bianca, Doree, Brandon, Brayden, Carole, Bobby, Mike, Anna, and everybody else that You have brought to help during my healing and help with finances. Thank You!  I love You.