Rajesh from India

Dear Christ, I was always associated with my daily prayers, Bible reading, attending church, and so on during my childhood. But as the days passed by, I had departed from You gradually. Though I never used to seek You, You gave me a good job. You made me to get married to my loved one and abundantly blessed me. But still I never bothered to turn up to You. The big turning point, my wife was sick. Out of fear I decided to change myself as it's the time for me to learn a lesson. I never missed a day reading the Bible. Myself and my wife are not going to be departed from You, dear Lord. I would stand as a true witness in front of this world. And we are never going to unfollow Your words and promise You that we won't depart from You. Thank You so much for recovering my wife. Thank You so much dear Lord. Feeling blessed.