Tom from Dallas, GA

I praise Your name and thank You for Your holiness and goodness. You are the most high God and Your plan is unfolding right before us. Lord, Although I am unworthy, I praise and lift Your name today.

God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, I want to praise Your name this morning and thank You for all creation. Lord, there are no other gods. You are the one true living God. Thank You for sending Your son Jesus to absolve me and the world for our sins. Jesus, the son of God, I want to thank You again for Your sacrifice and for the love You have shown all humanity, through Your sacrifice and love for man.
God, I want to praise and lift Your name. Thank You for all You have given me. I am not worthy, but for some reason You always seem to look after me and bless me as well. Jesus, Thank You for Your sacrifice so that I am not doomed. Jesus Christ is the name above all names!